Monday, September 9, 2013

Taco Tuesdays At Veggie Grill

Throughout the summer, Veggie Grill had a wonderful promotion on Tuesdays called Taco Tuesday. I ventured there a few times, since there are two Veggie Grills conveniently located to my house. I have had mixed feelings about Veggie Grill for quite some time now. I love that the food is reasonably priced (although I do think it could be more affordable) and the service is always very fast. On the other hand, the menu is uninspired and overuses Gardein products (although this is changing a bit) and the food is too greasy and heavy in sodium. Still, there are occasional times when my former omnivore comes out and desires the taste of faux meat. Luckily, this happened on a Tuesday, thus I headed to Veggie Grill in Westwood to satisfy the craving.

Since I wasn't super hungry at the time, I opted for an appetizer. I ordered my absolute favorite dish: nachos ($5).

While Veggie Grill's version is far from the best, it is still tasty and enjoyable. The chips were crunchy and the chili was very savory and hearty. The Daiya cheese was made into a creamy cheese sauce, yet retained its usual odd aftertaste. The guacamole and salsa made the dish, adding a wonderful spiciness to the nachos and balancing out the cooling "sour cream".

For just $1 more I added on the Steak Taco (which normally costs $3.50 a taco).

The taco was delectable. The faux meat was juicy and succulent. It was coated in a smoky sauce and had fantastic seasonings. The lettuce and tomatoes were crisp and crunchy and took on the flavors of the faux steak very well.

The meal at Veggie Grill was satisfying, yet left a lot to be desired. The nachos could have been more flavorful and a more innovative fake cheese could have been used (perhaps cashew cheese like Native Foods and Real Food Daily use). I also would have loved the dish to have had more seasonings. I did really enjoy the taco, however, and would definitely order that again. The meal was very inexpensive and came out to less than $7. I hope Veggie Grill does this promotion again soon.