Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Very Kind Deal At KindKreme

For the next four days, Scoutmob is having a fantastic deal for one of my favorite (almost) Vegan ice cream  eateries, KindKreme in Studio City. This place has some of the best ice cream I've had and always has an array of eclectic flavors. It's a little bit on the pricy side, since the ingredients are raw, but it's totally worth it. And with the deal, it makes it even cheaper!

                                     50% off KindKreme

My favorite thing to order at KindKreme is Brownie Sundae. I am a huge fan of their raw brownie, as it is so soft and rich and chocolatey. I really love their mint chocolate chip ice cream when they have that too.

I cannot wait to use this and try more of their delicious, unique ice cream offerings. Brownie Sundae, here I come!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Radiant Evening At Rosalind's

Another day, another chance to try a new restaurant. This time, my friend and I headed to one of our favorite places in Los Angeles, Ethiopia town. I secretly have a goal to try all the Ethiopian restaurants on the block, as they all look lovely and I am truly in love with Ethiopian food. On our visit, we chose Rosalind's, which seemed very vegan-friendly and is featured on The interior decor was very similar to Rahel and also had upside down umbrellas hanging from the wall.

When we arrived, the restaurant was nearly empty, which seems common at ethnic restaurants, especially on a week night. While looking over the menu, we informed the waitress that we needed the food prepared vegan and she pointed to the vegan combination plate and told us she would make us a family style dinner.  I was a little disappointed that she ordered for us, taking away the freedom of choice I enjoy so much when I dine out. I requested two orders of sambussas ($2.50 each) to be brought out as an appetizer, and it felt good to have some input in the meal.

First, the sambussas were brought out.

These were really good and way bigger than the sambussas I've gotten at Ethiopian restaurants in the past. The were soaked in oil and were perfectly deep-fried and very crispy. The interior had a well-seasoned mixture of lentils and a very mild spice.

Next, we were served salad to accompany the main dish.

This salad was wonderful. The vegetables were so crisp and crunchy. They were coated in a very light seasoning. The dressing was so delectable and had a citrusy flavor with a slight tanginess.

Our main course came out in the usual form of being scattered on a large, round piece of injera bread.

The curries had a lovely, mild spice and were very savory. They were all so soft and the spongy bread absorbed them well.  My favorites were the beany dishes that had a smooth consistency and were so creamy. There was a slight sweetness to each dish that contrasted beautifully with the saltiness. I really love Ethiopian spices and they were so prevalent in each curry.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. It was so satisfying and each dish was very flavorful. I would love to have tried the African dishes on the menu, as those are what really sets this place apart from the rest. With the $25 gift certificate, we each only paid $11. I will definitely return, but it's hard to justify going to a non-vegan restaurant, when there is a delightful vegan version right across the street. Nevertheless, the food is just too good not to enjoy again.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Following The Heat To Follow Your Heart

On a stifling summer afternoon after a long photo shoot in the valley, I found myself famished and oddly craving greasy grub. Since I was already so far up north, I trekked to Follow Your Heart, as I had a Gather Green voucher that was nearing its expiration date. I made the mistake of sitting on the covered patio, which at first glance seemed like it would have a lovely shade. Instead, after about ten minutes, I found myself drenched in sweat, and my heavy makeup was running down my face. Nevertheless, the food was very enjoyable and more than made up for my discomfort from the humidity.

I first ordered a chocolate milkshake, which I requested to be made non-dairy ($5).

This is one of the best milkshakes I've ever had. It was so chocolately and had the perfect amount of sweetness. It was very thick and creamy, with just a little bit of frothiness. There was a huge portion of this and I could barely finish it. It was such a nice compliment to my meal and was so refreshing on a scorching hot day.

Next, I ordered the Enchilada Corazon ($12), which came with a choice of soup or salad. I opted for the dal soup, so I could get a taste of both Indian and Mexican cuisines.

The soup was chunky and thick and tasted very hearty. The flavor of lentils was very strong and the soup was spiced very well. It left me feeling very calm and soothed.

Next, I had the enchiladas.

This plate was way bigger than I imagined it would be. The enchiladas were very delicious and were coated in a scrumptious, moderately spiced red sauce. The interior consisted of a delectable mixture of soft, well-seasoned vegetables. There was a generous sprinkling of semi-melted soy cheese, which seemed awkward on the dish and retained a bit of its odd aftertaste. The guacamole was so smooth and creamy and had a rich avocado flavor. The rice and beans were a great accompaniment, as they were lightly spiced and very flavorful. The jicama salad was a nice contrast to the spicy food, as it provided a lovely sweetness and a slight cooling sensation.

Lastly, I had the Chocolate Vanilla cake for dessert ($5).

This was such a great way to end the meal, although it caused me to have a bit of a chocolate overload. I only ate about a quarter of the cake, since it was so rich and dense. This cake completely disproves the theory that vegan desserts are dry and tasteless. It was so moist and had a lovely sweetness and the frosting was so creamy and luscious. It reminded me of a hostess cake, although I much preferred this version.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. I was so stuffed and my stomach was so distended, I could barely stand. I wish I had taken more of the meal home as leftovers and eaten it the next day for lunch. Nevertheless, the food was so flavorful and it was so great to be able to eat such a variety of food in one meal. With the $20 voucher that I purchased for $10, I paid $17 in total (including tax and tip). Considering all the food and drink I got, it was definitely a good deal! I cannot wait to return and I'm sure there will be another great discount soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Appetizing Dinner At Annapurna

It's been years since I've dined at Annapurna, a Vegetarian Indian restaurant in Culver City. Thus, when they had a deal on groupon a few months ago, I was excited at the prospect of returning. I'm not quite sure why it's taken me so long to go back. The food is very delicious and reasonably priced. Nevertheless, the moment we stepped inside the spacious, yet cozy interior, we were immediately ignored. Finally, someone noticed us and pointed out a table for us to seat ourselves.

We were given way too long to look over the menu and when the waiter finally came over, we questioned him about which dishes were Vegan. He had no clue what we were talking about and I immediately found my stomach tying in knots, in fear we would be served dairy. Scanning the menu again, we opted for dishes which traditionally do not have dairy in them and requested to the waiter that everything be made without dairy. I figured that even if he did not know what was vegan, the kitchen staff would.

My rasam soup ($4) came out first.

Rasam soup is my favorite Indian soup and Annapurna did it very well. The soup was very spicy and had a tangy flavor. There was a strong taste of tomato with notes of basil. The rasam soup was very smooth and slurpy with a small amount of chunkiness. The soup was accompanied with some crispy crackers that were soaked in oil and had a lentil flavor. They were even more delicious when dipped in the soup.

Next, we had the Assorted Appetizer Basket ($11).

This was such a great assortment and mostly featured Southern Indian delicacies. The crispy fritters were my favorite and were juicy vegetables deep fried with a moderate spice. I also enjoyed the samosa and lentil donut, as they were also beautifully fried and had great textures and seasonings. The spongy idly was a great contrast to the fried food and was so soft and delicate, with a light spice. The appetizers came with a great sampling of chutneys, my favorites being the slightly sweet coconut and tomato chutneys.

Next, our entrees came out. I first tried the Bombay Pav Bhaji ($9).

This was a lovely Indian version of Sloppy Joe's. The buns were very oily and lightly cooked and worked perfectly with the messy gravy sauce. The gravy was very spicy and the taste of tomatoes were dominant. It was seasoned very well and left an intense heat in my mouth, that had me continuously grabbing for my water glass.

Lastly, we had the Masala Dosa ($7).

Dosas are my favorite Indian dish, although they are overly complicated to eat. The potato concoction was not evenly distributed, so my friend ended up getting most of it, despite cutting the dosa equally in half. The crepe had a great texture and was so soft and easy to chew. The sambar and chutneys added a great spice and sweetness to the crepe, and softened it even more.

Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner. The food at Annapurna is certainly flavorful and very spicy. My recommendation would be to request a milder spice on the food, unless you enjoy your mouth being on fire. The food prices are a little more expensive than comparable Indian restaurants, although still decent. With the groupon, we each spent $14 (with tax and tip). I would definitely return, although I will probably wait until they have another deal.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Very Smoothie Experience At Cafe Rivva

I once again decided to flirt with the idea of raw shakes as a meal replacement. This past week, I found myself "dieting" for various photo shoots and in doing so, experimented with having a shake for lunch. Since I had a Gather Green voucher for $8 for $16 worth of smoothies at Cafe Rivva in Brentwood, I decided to purchase two 16 oz smoothies, which in total cost $16. Of course, with the voucher, it only cost $8, which came out to $4 a shake. I knew I could not have two shakes at once, since the shakes are so dense and filling. Thus, I decided to save one for the next day.

I ordered a kale shake and raw cacao smoothie. I opted to drink the kale shake immediately, and put the raw cacao smoothie in my refrigerator, praying it would retain both the consistency and taste.

The kale shake was not as sweet as I remember it being the last time. It also was not as creamy and had the consistency of juice rather than a smoothie. It was still very enjoyable and had such a great flavor and was so refreshing.

I enjoyed the raw cacao smoothie the most and being in the fridge seemed to have made it even better. The flavors further meshed together and the consistency became more frothy. The smoothie was very chocolatey with notes of coconut. It had a great contrast of sweet and bitter tastes.

Overall, I really enjoyed the smoothies. Cafe Rivva makes some of the best smoothies and uses organic, high quality ingredients. They definitely rival SunCafe, which also makes delicious raw shakes. I was a bit surprised that the shake lasted so well in my refrigerator overnite and was still so tasty. I cannot wait to return to Cafe Rivva and am so glad they're located so close to my home.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Another Delightful Evening At Desert Rose

Desert Rose is one of those places where if you aren't already feeling serene, you will instantly find your body transformed as you are seated on the cozy, yet spacious, dimly lit patio. There is such a warm and fuzzy, romantic vibe that is transmitted through the air that is only made better by the heat lamps. I was excited to return to Desert Rose on a Friday night and try more of their amazing dishes. Of course, I had a groupon in hand that I purchased for $20 for $40 worth of food and drink.

My friend and I were both famished, thus we ordered some appetizers right away. The first appetizer that came out was the garlic daiya cheese fries ($7).

This is my favorite dish at Desert Rose. The fries were soaked in oil, yet didn't taste greasy at all. The fries were seasoned so perfectly and the taste of garlic was dominant. There was a light spice from the basil sprinkling on top. The daiya cheese was melted so perfectly and was very stretchy.

Next, some complimentary bread was brought out.

I was not a huge fan of the bread as it was way too salty. The texture was very crunchy and enjoyable, however. The oil dip needed more seasoning, as it was pretty tasteless.

Next, we had some hummus ($6).

The hummus was very creamy and had a lovely distribution of olive oil. There was a very light seasoning and slight taste of tahini. Nevertheless, the hummus needed to be a little saltier and a tad more flavorful.

Lastly, I had a Hawaiian Pizza ($16), but substituted soy ham for soy chicken. I cannot stand the taste of ham, regardless of whether it is real or not.

The pizza was very good and the soy chicken and pineapple toppings complimented one another beautifully. The soy chicken was slightly chewy and very savory and the pineapple pieces were so luscious and juicy. The daiya cheese was also perfectly melted on the pizza and was coated in a light seasoning. The only thing I would change about the pizza is to replace the tomato sauce with BBQ sauce. The tomato sauce clashed with the toppings and tasted way too sweet. BBQ sauce would have given the pizza a more tangy flavor.

My friend ordered the calzone ($11) and loved it.

She described it as very cheesy and loaded with fillings. She was surprised she was unable to finish it, as it was so dense.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. Desert Rose is so great with seasoning their food to be very flavorful and I love that they have food from Cruzer's. My only suggestion is for them to expand their vegan menu to include more pizza options, as I hate having to make substitutions. I really love the environment at Desert Rose and it is so lovely to be able to sit outside on a warm, summer night and enjoy the company of others. With the groupon, the meal was fairly reasonably priced, at about $16 a person, with tax and tip (which includes my friend's alcoholic beverage). I will definitely return, most likely on a Thursday night, when they have all an night happy hour and 25% off for facebook fans.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Vibrant Dinner At Vardo Cafe

On my dad's last night in LA, we journeyed to Venice Beach to dine at an adorable gypsy cafe called Vardo. The decor was very eclectic and so psychadellic. The spiritual vibe was very strong, which was reflected in the upbeat, friendly nature of the waitress. She even brought out water in a fish shaped jug, which was very fitting with the atmosphere and perfect for a restaurant that preaches love for all creatures.

The restaurant had a lovely mixture of Mediterranean and Indian cuisine and we opted to try both. We began the meal with the large Carnival Salad.

This salad was unlike any salad I've had before. I must say, I'm not a huge fan of salads and hate that people assume that just because I'm vegan, I'll eat any salad. The Carnival Salad was so flavorful and had such a great combination of textures. The tomatoes were so sweet and juicy and the lettuce was so crispy and delicate. The cheese was my favorite part and was soft, with a nutty flavor. It perfectly mimicked feta cheese. The salad was coated with a heavy spice, which left an intense heat in my mouth. Nevertheless, the tahini dressing was creamy and slightly cooling.

Next, we had The Falafel.

My dad described this as the best falafel wrap he's ever had and I completely agree. The falafel was so soft and luscious and had an amazing savory flavor. The hummus was very creamy and had a light tahini flavoring. The gypsy sauce was so delectable and added a slight sweetness to the dish, which contrasted the lovely spices. The accompanying salad was so fitting, and was almost a smaller version of the Carmen without the faux cheese. I was so glad it came with that, as I could not get enough of the tahini dressing.

Lastly, we had the Indian curry of the day, the Korma.

I was a little nervous to order an Indian dish, as Vardo's specialty seems to be Mediterranean food, but this dish was just as delicious and authentic. The stew was not as spicy as the previous dishes, but was still very flavorful. The taste of tomato was very strong and there was a slightly nutty flavor. There was a great mixture of creamy sauce and chunky vegetables.

Overall, I loved the meal. The food was so fitting with the environment and dining at Vardo is truly a unique experience. I highly recommend the dishes we ordered, although there are so many other menu items I am anxious to try. Since their Indian stews vary nightly, it's hard to plan what to order ahead of time. The restaurant was so small and cozy, but they also have a lovely outdoor patio, which is perfect for people watching on a fairly busy street. We used a $25 gift certificate and the meal came out to about $20 total with tax and tip. I cannot wait to return to try more of their fabulous food.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Captivating Dinner At Cru

On another lovely, summery evening, my dad and I headed back to Silverlake to dine at a quaint raw Vegan restaurant called Cru. We were a little pressed for time, as we had to make it to Hollywood in time to see a play. Luckily, the service was very fast and the waitress was super attentive. The dinner was very enjoyable and somehow I felt relaxed in the small, cozy restaurant. I was a little upset that Cru had completely gotten rid of all of their cooked food, as their previous menu had so many enticing menu options. Nevertheless, I embraced the chance to eat pricy raw food and was relieved we had a $50 voucher for food and drink that I had purchased on yelp deals a week earlier. This gave us the opportunity to splurge and try an array of fantastic food.

First, we had Bruschetta ($8).

The bruschetta was so delicious. I was a little upset that there were only three pieces. The flatbread was very crunchy and the tomato basil cheesy concoction was so soft and luscious. The tomato mixture was very sweet and juicy, with the basil providing a light spice. My favorite part of the appetizer was the creamy cashew cheese, which was so smooth and flavorful, with the perfect amount of saltiness.

Next, our entrees came out. We ordered the Pad Thai ($13) and the Cru Pizza ($16).

I first tried the Pad Thai.

This was very similar to the cooked dish I am so accustomed to at Thai restaurants. The kelp noodles had a great consistency and were slightly slurpy and moderately crunchy. The noodles were coated in a delectably sweet sauce, with a spicy kick to it. There was also a lovely meaty "chorizo" interspersed in the dish that intensified the savory flavoring and added an extra crunch.

I also dug into the Cru Pizza.

The Cru Pizza was just as enjoyable. The flatbread was similar to the bruschetta base and also had a great texture. The cashew cheese had such a rich taste, and while it was salty, it had a contrasting sweet flavor. The vegetables were very crisp and tasted hearty. I didn't think it could get any better, until I topped the pizza with a mildly spiced salsa and smooth guacamole.

I washed the meal down with a Raw Chocolate Maca Smoothie ($8).

The smoothie was very chocolatey and so creamy and frothy. It was so close to mimicking a chocolate milkshake, except that it needed to be a little sweeter. Nevertheless, it was so refreshing and worked perfectly with the meal.

Lastly, we had a Mint Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake ($8) to finish off the meal.

This is quite possibly the best raw dessert I've ever had and the presentation was exquisite. The cake was so rich and had such an amazing combination of mint and chocolate flavors that complimented one another elegantly. The chocolate syrup further enhanced the cake, adding even more sweetness and creaminess. The truffle cake was so dense, however, that we could not finish it.

I must admit, I fell in love with Cru on this visit. Surprisingly, this was my first visit. I had been dying to go, but never made it there since it's so far and expensive. I am so happy that they had this amazing deal, as I probably would still be a Cru virgin for quite a while longer. The meal came out to less than $40 with tax and tip. I am really hoping they will have another deal soon, as I am anxious to return.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Summery Evening At Sage Bistro

On a summery evening during my dad's visit, we headed over to Silverlake to dine at Sage Bistro. Since my dad was only here for a week, I really wanted him to experience the best Vegan food LA has to offer. Sage Bistro is truly one of my favorite establishments and their food is top-notch and reasonably priced. We both felt a little out of place in the hipster restaurant, but were completely comforted by the delicious food. The menu was very extensive and the dinner menu had changed a bit since my last visit.

First, my dad's soup came out. He ordered a bowl of lentil soup ($6).

The soup was very hearty and had a lovely seasoning. It was very chunky with a mix of soft, well-cooked carrots and lentils. There was a delectable topping of crispy, toasted bread, coated in a creamy, beany dip. It had a slighty salty taste and closely resembled a pate.

Next, our entrees came out. My dad ordered the Summer Solstice Salad ($10).

The salad was very delicious. It had a great mixture of sweet and salty flavors. The garlicky dressing was very thick and creamy and had a slight bitterness. It perfectly contrasted the sweet, juicy berries. The crunchy radishes and almond pieces also provided a lovely contrast to the fruity mix in both texture and taste. There was a light seasoning on top, which made the salad even more flavorful.

I decided on the Stuffed Apple Ratatouille, but the waitress informed me that since the oven was broken and nothing could be baked, I would have to choose another entree. I was disappointed, but settled on my second choice, the Falafel Bowl ($10).

I really enjoyed this bowl. The vegetables were very fresh and crispy and the sauces were so creamy and luscious. They had a slight saltiness and subtle sweetness. Nevertheless, the falafel balls were overcooked and were very crunchy. I had a similar problem on my last visit, with the polenta in my soul bowl. I was a little upset that this happened more than once, but I was willing to look past it. The bowl was still so flavorful and beautifully seasoned. The avocados, tomatoes and oranges added a delectable sweetness to the bowl that contrasted perfectly with the savory falafel.

For dessert, we ordered a small brownie sundae ($10).

This was a fantastic way to end the amazing meal. The brownie was very rich and gooey and made even better by the eclectic, unique flavors surrounding it. The ice cream was very smooth but only slightly creamy. Each bite was so heavenly. My favorite flavor was the chocolate cacao, which was very chocolatey but not overly sweet. The cinnamon and vanilla coconut were also delicious, with a hint of saltiness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. Everything was so flavorful and there was such a great blend of spices in every dish. Nevertheless, I understand that Sage Bistro is a fairly new restaurant, but they still have some kinks they need to work out. They need to ensure their oven is working, so they can serve up all their delicious menu options and they need to prevent overcooking certain food items. I am remaining optimistic that they will improve fairly quickly, so they won't lose any customers. The meal was fairly inexpensive at about $30 with tax and tip with the Scoutmob 50% off voucher. I will definitely return and am really hoping my next visit will be even better.

Friday, August 12, 2011

A Revolutionary Raw Box

On another lazy week, I ordered the Rawvolution box from Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Santa Monica. It was a scorching hot week and the mere thought of standing over a flaming stove made me cringe. Well, in all honesty, the thought of cooking sends a slight shiver down my spine, but the heat seemed to amplify these feelings. It was such a perfect time to order a week's worth of raw food, as I needed to keep my energy level high and did not want food that weighed me down. The raw box was perfect in being flavorful, yet light. And with a groupon I purchased a couple months ago, it only cost me $60.

When I first opened the box, I was so excited to see all the amazing contents. Each dish was already portioned out and placed in a container that was very eco-friendly. 

On day one, for lunch I had the Hearty Lentil Chili.

This did not taste like chili at all, but I guess this is expected from raw food. It had a very slight beany taste, but was very smooth and creamy. It had a subtle sweet flavor to balance out the intense spiciness. The "hearty" in the name was very appropriate, as it was very satisfying and left me feeling calm.

For dinner, I had the Marinated Portobello Sandwich.

I have to admit, I was a bit grossed out by this. I loathe mushrooms and even the thought of them nauseates me. Nevertheless, despite the mushy portobellos, the sandwich had a lovely crispiness to it from the crunchy lettuce and dense faux bread pieces. The sauce was a little too bitter for my taste, but overall the sandwich was decent. 

On day two, for lunch I had the French Onion Soup.

This soup was equally as delicious as the chili. It had a sweeter flavor and the taste of onions was quite dominant. There was a mild spice to the soup that worked very well. It was also very smooth and creamy and felt very light in my stomach.

That evening, I had the Asian Nori Rolls.

These reminded me so much of sushi. The nori wrap was very crisp and salty, with a slightly fishy flavor. The vegetable interior was very crisp and crunchy but lacked much seasoning. The accompanying sauce tasted odd and did not work at all with this dish. It seemed more appropriate for a house salad, as it was a vinaigrette that was just too salty. I would have preferred a sweeter sauce to balance out the saltiness of the rolls.

On day three, for lunch I had the Broccolini Salad.

I enjoyed this salad and found it quite refreshing. The broccoli was soft and easy to chew and had a light sprinkling of salt. There was also a subtle sweetness to the salad that worked beautifully.

For dinner, I had the Greek Pizza.

I loved this pizza. It had so many different flavors and textures that worked so well together. The pizza crust was crunchy with a slight sweetness and coated in a delectable mixture of vegetables. The array of sundried tomatoes and chopped tomatoes added a lovely sweetness that balanced out the salty olive pieces. The cashew cheese was so creamy and made the dish even more luscious and heavenly. The basil added an extra crispiness to the dish and a very light bitterness. 

On day four, for lunch I had the Cauliflower Couscous.

This dish was also very heavenly. It was very soft and easy to eat and had a slightly sweet flavor. The salad was seasoned perfectly with just a hint of spice. The taste of coconut was very strong, which also added a light bitter taste. 

For dinner, I had the Tostada and Salsa Fresca.

This dish was also one of my favorites. The lettuce was very crisp and cooling, which was a great contrast to the savory, perfectly spiced "chorizo" pieces. They were coated in a creamy sauce that had a very nutty flavor and a slight bitterness. The salsa fresca also had a mild spice, but the tomato concoction added a sweetness to the dish. 

On day five, for lunch I had the Summer Corn Salad.

The corn was soft and so juicy. It had a very sweet flavor with a light spice. It also had a very subtle cheesy, nutty flavor. The greens added a slight crunchiness to the salad and worked really well. The salad was light and heavenly and somehow left me wanting more.

For dinner, I had the Eggless Egg Salad.

I have to admit the thought of egg salad disgusted me. I immediately pictured an overly salted, sour mayo mixed with rancid eggs. This dish was nothing like the real version, which was quite gratifying. It was way creamier and closely resembled a very chunky soup. The mixed peppers and celery pieces were very crunchy and the sauce had a slightly nutty, salty flavor. The bitterness was not overpowering at all, but worked rather well with the dish. 

On the last day, I ate the desserts as meals. I know this might sound odd, but raw desserts are so nutrient rich, they can easily replace a meal and be just as satisfying.

For lunch, I had the Chocolate Coconut Haystacks.

These were essentially rich, chocolatey truffles with a strong taste of coconut.  They reminded me a lot of coconut macaroons. They were hard on the outside, but soft and luscious on the inside. They were a little too bitter for my taste, but still enjoyable to eat.

For dinner, I had the Strawberry Parfait.

I much preferred this dessert as it had a sweeter flavor and was very fruity. The topping was reminiscent of a light whipped cream, but with a cashew taste. It was very heavenly. The strawberry filling was also sweet and sugary, yet was not overbearing. The parfait was so rich and creamy, yet was very airy and did not weigh me down.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Rawvolution Box. Each dish was so filling and I felt satisfied, not stuffed. The food was definitely invigorating and as a result, I was way more active and less fatigued during this week.  While the box is a little pricy normally at $120, the $60 discount was definitely worth it, considering how expensive raw food is. I would order this box again in a heartbeat. This is some of the best raw food I've had. I applaud the restaurant for creating a meal service that is not only tasty and healthy, but still retains proper texture and flavors in my refrigerator. This is quite a feat. I cannot wait to order another box.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Celebratory Cake At Carvel

During my dad's visit this past week, we celebrated with an ice cream cake from Carvel. Since my parents' anniversary is coming up in just a few days, we had Carvel write, "Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad". Unfortunately, the day we picked it up from Beverly Hills was scorching hot and despite turning the car air conditioning on max, the cake began to melt and formed a small puddle on my dad's lap. Nevertheless, we were able to get it home while it was mostly intact and the freezer helped retain its roundness. I was sad that the words were unreadable and even more upset that the streamer design I requested had not been put on.

The cake was so delicious, despite being a little sloshy. It was very creamy and had a sweet, luscious flavor. The taste of vanilla ice cream was so heavenly and the chocolate crunch pieces in the center were very crispy and such a great contrast to the smoothness of the ice cream. They tasted like candy and were so rich and chocolatey. The syrupy icing provided an extra sweetness to the cake that made it even more amazing.

This ice cream cake was just so amazing. It was an exact replica of the ice cream cakes I enjoyed as a child. I never imagined as I vegan that I would be able to have anything so delightful. The only difference is that I did not feel sick after eating this cake as I often did from ice cream cakes in the past. Since I used a groupon for the cake, it only cost $10 for the smallest cake, which normally cost $20. It was a really great deal and I am truly amazed at the wonderful job they did.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Muse Of A Deal

Today only, Cafe Muse is offering great deals for their inspirational cafe in Hollywood.

 This delightful pescetarian restaurant serves delicious salads, sandwiches and breakfast food. Their coffee is very robust and flavorful and always leaves me feeling invigorated. On my previous visit, I ordered the barbeque chicken sandwich, which was the perfect mixture of savory and sweet.

I cannot wait to return to try more of their amazing dishes. This will be the perfect excuse to find rediscover my inner muse, while enjoying some scrumptious food.

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Beachy Afternoon At Seed

On a warm, summery day, my dad and I ventured to Venice beach for an early afternoon stroll on the touristy boardwalk. We first stopped at Seed Kitchen, which is located just steps away from the ocean. The cafe is very small, with limited seating. All the outdoor tables were taken, so we dined inside, which was a nice escape from the beating sun. We used a coupon from a goody bag I received at the Healthy Taste of LA for 15% off any purchase. Nevertheless, the food was reasonably priced and very tasty.

I ordered the Southwestern burger ($10.75).

The well-spiced bean burger was smothered in a smooth and creamy guacamole. The sweetness from the avocados provided a great contrast to the spicy, savory chili spread. This burger was so flavorful and scrumptious. The lightly seasoned lettuce added a nice crunch to the burger, which complemented the thinly sliced, slightly salty soy cheese very well. The soy cheese had a slightly bitter aftertaste, but it went mostly unnoticed next to the overpowering spreads.

My dad ordered the Japanese Vegetable Curry ($11).

The curry was very flavorful and had a very mild spice. The vegetables were well cooked and soft and luscious. The sauce had a subtle sweetness to it. I would have loved the curry to have been spicier and for there to have been even more seasonings.

Overall, I enjoyed the meal. It was fairly light, which worked perfectly for a late lunch. The food was very healthy, yet still remained tasty. With the discount, we paid about $20, which was great considering how filling the food was. Since the food is organic and macrobiotic, it tends to be more pricey, so it was fantastic to save some money, even if it was only a few dollars. I will definitely be back, hopefully on another beach day.