Monday, August 22, 2011

A Very Smoothie Experience At Cafe Rivva

I once again decided to flirt with the idea of raw shakes as a meal replacement. This past week, I found myself "dieting" for various photo shoots and in doing so, experimented with having a shake for lunch. Since I had a Gather Green voucher for $8 for $16 worth of smoothies at Cafe Rivva in Brentwood, I decided to purchase two 16 oz smoothies, which in total cost $16. Of course, with the voucher, it only cost $8, which came out to $4 a shake. I knew I could not have two shakes at once, since the shakes are so dense and filling. Thus, I decided to save one for the next day.

I ordered a kale shake and raw cacao smoothie. I opted to drink the kale shake immediately, and put the raw cacao smoothie in my refrigerator, praying it would retain both the consistency and taste.

The kale shake was not as sweet as I remember it being the last time. It also was not as creamy and had the consistency of juice rather than a smoothie. It was still very enjoyable and had such a great flavor and was so refreshing.

I enjoyed the raw cacao smoothie the most and being in the fridge seemed to have made it even better. The flavors further meshed together and the consistency became more frothy. The smoothie was very chocolatey with notes of coconut. It had a great contrast of sweet and bitter tastes.

Overall, I really enjoyed the smoothies. Cafe Rivva makes some of the best smoothies and uses organic, high quality ingredients. They definitely rival SunCafe, which also makes delicious raw shakes. I was a bit surprised that the shake lasted so well in my refrigerator overnite and was still so tasty. I cannot wait to return to Cafe Rivva and am so glad they're located so close to my home.

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