Saturday, August 6, 2011

Surviving The Heat At SunCafe

On a trip to Universal Studios, my dad and I decided to escape the crowded amusement park for a delicious lunch at SunCafe. It was just after 2 pm and the cafe was still fairly crowded, mostly with patrons lined up for take out orders. We seated ourselves away from the door, for what ended up being a very calming lunch. With our $25 gift certificate in hand, we ordered way more than we could eat.

First, we ordered my favorite dish at SunCafe, the Sun Nachos ($12). My dad is not a huge fan of raw food, so we requested for them to be made using tortilla chips.

The nachos were delicious as always. The cashew cheese was so creamy and luscious, along with the smooth, well-spiced guacamole. The savory "chorizo" was very juicy and was lightly coated in a hot sauce. The vegetables were beautifully seasoned, making the appetizer even more flavorful. I love that they provided a cup with even more jalapenos, which made the dish even spicier.  The kitchen staff messed up the order on the nachos and made half of it raw. We didn't mind, as the jicama was very crisp and crunchy and worked well with the toppings. Nevertheless, they brought out a second batch of nachos on tortilla chips.

Next, the waitress brought out the Sweet Kale Shake ($7).  She split it into two glasses, so we could easily enjoy it with our meals.

The kale shake at SunCafe is superb. It's so rich and creamy and has such a heavenly taste. It has a light, sweet flavor that it is beautifully balanced out by the saltiness of the kale. There is just a hint of bananas and a very subtle taste of coconuts. This is truly like drinking a milkshake, only way healthier.

Next, our entrees came out. I ordered the Pesto Pizza ($13) and my dad ordered the Sun Burger with bbq sauce ($12). First, I ate my Pesto Pizza, which came with a side of kale salad.

I requested that the pizza be made without mushrooms, but once again the kitchen messed up the order. Even after picking the mushrooms out, the pizza still retained a fungal taste. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the rich, slightly salty pesto sauce and the thick cheesy sauce, which tasted like ranch dressing. The taste of olives on the pizza was also very overpowering.  I did not enjoy the whole wheat flatbread, as the texture was very odd and it was difficult to chew. I much prefer the raw crust, but unfortunately they were all out of it. The kale salad was not as flavorful as I remember it to be and the texture of the kale was a little too rough. It also needed a little more seasoning.

Lastly, I tried my dad's sun burger, as he was too stuffed to finish it.

SunCafe also messed up with my dad's order. He ordered veggies and dip as his side order, but instead was given a kale salad. Nevertheless, he still enjoyed it. His sun burger had a very meaty taste and the barbeque sauce was rich and flavorful. It was so perfectly spiced and even had a subtle kick to it. The bun was very soft and lightly toasted. It worked very well with the savory burger.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal. While the kitchen messed most of it up, everything was still delicious and flavorful. This was a great break from a busy day at an amusement park and surprisingly was not as difficult to get to by foot as I imagined. It was also great to get away from the hot summer sun, ironically at a restaurant named after it. With the discount, the meal only cost $30, with tax and tip. It was such a great deal for a healthy, invigorating raw lunch for two.

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