Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Celebratory Cake At Carvel

During my dad's visit this past week, we celebrated with an ice cream cake from Carvel. Since my parents' anniversary is coming up in just a few days, we had Carvel write, "Happy Anniversary Mom And Dad". Unfortunately, the day we picked it up from Beverly Hills was scorching hot and despite turning the car air conditioning on max, the cake began to melt and formed a small puddle on my dad's lap. Nevertheless, we were able to get it home while it was mostly intact and the freezer helped retain its roundness. I was sad that the words were unreadable and even more upset that the streamer design I requested had not been put on.

The cake was so delicious, despite being a little sloshy. It was very creamy and had a sweet, luscious flavor. The taste of vanilla ice cream was so heavenly and the chocolate crunch pieces in the center were very crispy and such a great contrast to the smoothness of the ice cream. They tasted like candy and were so rich and chocolatey. The syrupy icing provided an extra sweetness to the cake that made it even more amazing.

This ice cream cake was just so amazing. It was an exact replica of the ice cream cakes I enjoyed as a child. I never imagined as I vegan that I would be able to have anything so delightful. The only difference is that I did not feel sick after eating this cake as I often did from ice cream cakes in the past. Since I used a groupon for the cake, it only cost $10 for the smallest cake, which normally cost $20. It was a really great deal and I am truly amazed at the wonderful job they did.


  1. carvel makes vegan cakes?? i had no idea.

  2. Not all of them do. The one in Beverly Hills is the only one that I know of that does.