Friday, August 12, 2011

A Revolutionary Raw Box

On another lazy week, I ordered the Rawvolution box from Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Santa Monica. It was a scorching hot week and the mere thought of standing over a flaming stove made me cringe. Well, in all honesty, the thought of cooking sends a slight shiver down my spine, but the heat seemed to amplify these feelings. It was such a perfect time to order a week's worth of raw food, as I needed to keep my energy level high and did not want food that weighed me down. The raw box was perfect in being flavorful, yet light. And with a groupon I purchased a couple months ago, it only cost me $60.

When I first opened the box, I was so excited to see all the amazing contents. Each dish was already portioned out and placed in a container that was very eco-friendly. 

On day one, for lunch I had the Hearty Lentil Chili.

This did not taste like chili at all, but I guess this is expected from raw food. It had a very slight beany taste, but was very smooth and creamy. It had a subtle sweet flavor to balance out the intense spiciness. The "hearty" in the name was very appropriate, as it was very satisfying and left me feeling calm.

For dinner, I had the Marinated Portobello Sandwich.

I have to admit, I was a bit grossed out by this. I loathe mushrooms and even the thought of them nauseates me. Nevertheless, despite the mushy portobellos, the sandwich had a lovely crispiness to it from the crunchy lettuce and dense faux bread pieces. The sauce was a little too bitter for my taste, but overall the sandwich was decent. 

On day two, for lunch I had the French Onion Soup.

This soup was equally as delicious as the chili. It had a sweeter flavor and the taste of onions was quite dominant. There was a mild spice to the soup that worked very well. It was also very smooth and creamy and felt very light in my stomach.

That evening, I had the Asian Nori Rolls.

These reminded me so much of sushi. The nori wrap was very crisp and salty, with a slightly fishy flavor. The vegetable interior was very crisp and crunchy but lacked much seasoning. The accompanying sauce tasted odd and did not work at all with this dish. It seemed more appropriate for a house salad, as it was a vinaigrette that was just too salty. I would have preferred a sweeter sauce to balance out the saltiness of the rolls.

On day three, for lunch I had the Broccolini Salad.

I enjoyed this salad and found it quite refreshing. The broccoli was soft and easy to chew and had a light sprinkling of salt. There was also a subtle sweetness to the salad that worked beautifully.

For dinner, I had the Greek Pizza.

I loved this pizza. It had so many different flavors and textures that worked so well together. The pizza crust was crunchy with a slight sweetness and coated in a delectable mixture of vegetables. The array of sundried tomatoes and chopped tomatoes added a lovely sweetness that balanced out the salty olive pieces. The cashew cheese was so creamy and made the dish even more luscious and heavenly. The basil added an extra crispiness to the dish and a very light bitterness. 

On day four, for lunch I had the Cauliflower Couscous.

This dish was also very heavenly. It was very soft and easy to eat and had a slightly sweet flavor. The salad was seasoned perfectly with just a hint of spice. The taste of coconut was very strong, which also added a light bitter taste. 

For dinner, I had the Tostada and Salsa Fresca.

This dish was also one of my favorites. The lettuce was very crisp and cooling, which was a great contrast to the savory, perfectly spiced "chorizo" pieces. They were coated in a creamy sauce that had a very nutty flavor and a slight bitterness. The salsa fresca also had a mild spice, but the tomato concoction added a sweetness to the dish. 

On day five, for lunch I had the Summer Corn Salad.

The corn was soft and so juicy. It had a very sweet flavor with a light spice. It also had a very subtle cheesy, nutty flavor. The greens added a slight crunchiness to the salad and worked really well. The salad was light and heavenly and somehow left me wanting more.

For dinner, I had the Eggless Egg Salad.

I have to admit the thought of egg salad disgusted me. I immediately pictured an overly salted, sour mayo mixed with rancid eggs. This dish was nothing like the real version, which was quite gratifying. It was way creamier and closely resembled a very chunky soup. The mixed peppers and celery pieces were very crunchy and the sauce had a slightly nutty, salty flavor. The bitterness was not overpowering at all, but worked rather well with the dish. 

On the last day, I ate the desserts as meals. I know this might sound odd, but raw desserts are so nutrient rich, they can easily replace a meal and be just as satisfying.

For lunch, I had the Chocolate Coconut Haystacks.

These were essentially rich, chocolatey truffles with a strong taste of coconut.  They reminded me a lot of coconut macaroons. They were hard on the outside, but soft and luscious on the inside. They were a little too bitter for my taste, but still enjoyable to eat.

For dinner, I had the Strawberry Parfait.

I much preferred this dessert as it had a sweeter flavor and was very fruity. The topping was reminiscent of a light whipped cream, but with a cashew taste. It was very heavenly. The strawberry filling was also sweet and sugary, yet was not overbearing. The parfait was so rich and creamy, yet was very airy and did not weigh me down.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Rawvolution Box. Each dish was so filling and I felt satisfied, not stuffed. The food was definitely invigorating and as a result, I was way more active and less fatigued during this week.  While the box is a little pricy normally at $120, the $60 discount was definitely worth it, considering how expensive raw food is. I would order this box again in a heartbeat. This is some of the best raw food I've had. I applaud the restaurant for creating a meal service that is not only tasty and healthy, but still retains proper texture and flavors in my refrigerator. This is quite a feat. I cannot wait to order another box.

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