Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Summery Evening At Sage Bistro

On a summery evening during my dad's visit, we headed over to Silverlake to dine at Sage Bistro. Since my dad was only here for a week, I really wanted him to experience the best Vegan food LA has to offer. Sage Bistro is truly one of my favorite establishments and their food is top-notch and reasonably priced. We both felt a little out of place in the hipster restaurant, but were completely comforted by the delicious food. The menu was very extensive and the dinner menu had changed a bit since my last visit.

First, my dad's soup came out. He ordered a bowl of lentil soup ($6).

The soup was very hearty and had a lovely seasoning. It was very chunky with a mix of soft, well-cooked carrots and lentils. There was a delectable topping of crispy, toasted bread, coated in a creamy, beany dip. It had a slighty salty taste and closely resembled a pate.

Next, our entrees came out. My dad ordered the Summer Solstice Salad ($10).

The salad was very delicious. It had a great mixture of sweet and salty flavors. The garlicky dressing was very thick and creamy and had a slight bitterness. It perfectly contrasted the sweet, juicy berries. The crunchy radishes and almond pieces also provided a lovely contrast to the fruity mix in both texture and taste. There was a light seasoning on top, which made the salad even more flavorful.

I decided on the Stuffed Apple Ratatouille, but the waitress informed me that since the oven was broken and nothing could be baked, I would have to choose another entree. I was disappointed, but settled on my second choice, the Falafel Bowl ($10).

I really enjoyed this bowl. The vegetables were very fresh and crispy and the sauces were so creamy and luscious. They had a slight saltiness and subtle sweetness. Nevertheless, the falafel balls were overcooked and were very crunchy. I had a similar problem on my last visit, with the polenta in my soul bowl. I was a little upset that this happened more than once, but I was willing to look past it. The bowl was still so flavorful and beautifully seasoned. The avocados, tomatoes and oranges added a delectable sweetness to the bowl that contrasted perfectly with the savory falafel.

For dessert, we ordered a small brownie sundae ($10).

This was a fantastic way to end the amazing meal. The brownie was very rich and gooey and made even better by the eclectic, unique flavors surrounding it. The ice cream was very smooth but only slightly creamy. Each bite was so heavenly. My favorite flavor was the chocolate cacao, which was very chocolatey but not overly sweet. The cinnamon and vanilla coconut were also delicious, with a hint of saltiness.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. Everything was so flavorful and there was such a great blend of spices in every dish. Nevertheless, I understand that Sage Bistro is a fairly new restaurant, but they still have some kinks they need to work out. They need to ensure their oven is working, so they can serve up all their delicious menu options and they need to prevent overcooking certain food items. I am remaining optimistic that they will improve fairly quickly, so they won't lose any customers. The meal was fairly inexpensive at about $30 with tax and tip with the Scoutmob 50% off voucher. I will definitely return and am really hoping my next visit will be even better.

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