Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Captivating Dinner At Cru

On another lovely, summery evening, my dad and I headed back to Silverlake to dine at a quaint raw Vegan restaurant called Cru. We were a little pressed for time, as we had to make it to Hollywood in time to see a play. Luckily, the service was very fast and the waitress was super attentive. The dinner was very enjoyable and somehow I felt relaxed in the small, cozy restaurant. I was a little upset that Cru had completely gotten rid of all of their cooked food, as their previous menu had so many enticing menu options. Nevertheless, I embraced the chance to eat pricy raw food and was relieved we had a $50 voucher for food and drink that I had purchased on yelp deals a week earlier. This gave us the opportunity to splurge and try an array of fantastic food.

First, we had Bruschetta ($8).

The bruschetta was so delicious. I was a little upset that there were only three pieces. The flatbread was very crunchy and the tomato basil cheesy concoction was so soft and luscious. The tomato mixture was very sweet and juicy, with the basil providing a light spice. My favorite part of the appetizer was the creamy cashew cheese, which was so smooth and flavorful, with the perfect amount of saltiness.

Next, our entrees came out. We ordered the Pad Thai ($13) and the Cru Pizza ($16).

I first tried the Pad Thai.

This was very similar to the cooked dish I am so accustomed to at Thai restaurants. The kelp noodles had a great consistency and were slightly slurpy and moderately crunchy. The noodles were coated in a delectably sweet sauce, with a spicy kick to it. There was also a lovely meaty "chorizo" interspersed in the dish that intensified the savory flavoring and added an extra crunch.

I also dug into the Cru Pizza.

The Cru Pizza was just as enjoyable. The flatbread was similar to the bruschetta base and also had a great texture. The cashew cheese had such a rich taste, and while it was salty, it had a contrasting sweet flavor. The vegetables were very crisp and tasted hearty. I didn't think it could get any better, until I topped the pizza with a mildly spiced salsa and smooth guacamole.

I washed the meal down with a Raw Chocolate Maca Smoothie ($8).

The smoothie was very chocolatey and so creamy and frothy. It was so close to mimicking a chocolate milkshake, except that it needed to be a little sweeter. Nevertheless, it was so refreshing and worked perfectly with the meal.

Lastly, we had a Mint Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake ($8) to finish off the meal.

This is quite possibly the best raw dessert I've ever had and the presentation was exquisite. The cake was so rich and had such an amazing combination of mint and chocolate flavors that complimented one another elegantly. The chocolate syrup further enhanced the cake, adding even more sweetness and creaminess. The truffle cake was so dense, however, that we could not finish it.

I must admit, I fell in love with Cru on this visit. Surprisingly, this was my first visit. I had been dying to go, but never made it there since it's so far and expensive. I am so happy that they had this amazing deal, as I probably would still be a Cru virgin for quite a while longer. The meal came out to less than $40 with tax and tip. I am really hoping they will have another deal soon, as I am anxious to return.

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