Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Found My Muse at Cafe Muse

As a writer, I'm always seeking a place that will give me inspiration and allow me to feel more focused.  I love to sit in cafes some days just to people watch and try to create stories about their lives. It gives me material for my writing and enables me to feel more connected to the world. I am so glad I found Cafe Muse. This place has a down to earth, mellow atmosphere that encourages artists to express themselves. And the best part is they have amazing vegan food!

This Friday, I ventured with some friends to Cafe Muse in Hollywood before attending a comedy show down the street. Little did we know that on Friday nights, Cafe Muse has their own hilarious comedy show to showcase up and coming talent. Thus, I indulged in a delicious, inexpensive meal using a groupon I purchased, in which I paid $10 for $20 worth of food, while being fully entertained by the free show.

A friend of mine decided to be my dining partner for the night and we shared everything equally. First, my soy chai tea latte ($3.25) came out. There was a huge layer of foam on top and it was so sweet and decadent. The vanilla and spices blended really well together and the soy milk made it so creamy. I am a huge fan of Cafe Muse's coffee and teas and it is definitely a must if you dine there.

Next, we had a pizza with artichokes, basil and sundried tomatoes. The crust was very moist and doughy and not at all how a pizza crust should taste. Nevertheless, the sauce was smooth and tasty and the cheese melted well. The sundried tomatoes also gave it an extra sweet taste that complimented the tomato sauce well.  I was upset to discover that we had paid three extra dollars for the gluten-free/vegan crust, when this was not clearly labeled on the menu. Thus the pizza ended up costing $14 rather than the advertised $11 and was only a 10 inch pizza! Totally not worth it!

Last up was one of the most delicious wraps/sandwiches I've ever eaten: the barbeque chicken wrap ($10).  It came with a choice of side and trying to be healthy, I went with the mixed greens salad. The wrap was filled with chicken coated in a deliciously sweet barbeque sauce. It was so flavorful, especially mixed with crunchy vegetables. The tomato basil wrap also had a great taste that worked really well with the contents inside. This was so enjoyable to eat, I was sad to only have eaten half of it. My only complaint is that the salad accompanying the wrap really could have used a dressing as it was too dry on its own.

Overall, the meal was very good. I regret ordering the pizza and wish we had ordered a sandwich instead as this seems to be their specialty.  The total came out to $31.50, but with a groupon it allowed each of us to only pay about $10.75.  Considering how satisfying the food and drinks were, it was definitely worth it.

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