Sunday, April 17, 2011

Versatility with Vegin' Out

I cannot tell you how much I love Vegin' Out. A little more than a year ago, I discovered the completely vegan food service on and knew I had to order it.  As explained in my previous post, every Monday they have a new menu for the following week and you can place your order anytime for a week's worth of yummy food to be delivered to your doorstep. When I first tried Vegin' Out, I was struggling with making the transition from vegetarian to vegan. I wasn't getting enough nutrients in my diet and thus I would get sick a lot. Vegin' Out helped me learn how to eat more balanced meals and I actually lost some weight too! My biggest concern about them is that a lot of the dishes start to taste the same but perhaps that's just the chef's style. Within each week's meals, the dishes are pretty versatile but ordering week after week, the flavors become hard to differentiate.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I placed an order with Vegin' Out as I had purchased a Living Social voucher for a week's worth of food, which only cost $58. Not bad considering their meals last me at least 9 days! When the food came, I was a little worried that they would scimp on the portion sizes. As I unloaded it, I was relieved to see all the delicious food I have become accustomed to.

There were three entrees, four sides, soup and cookies. The entrees were: tofu chilaquiles, jambalaya and spaghetti with roasted romas. The sides were 2 rustic quinoa salads, orzo salad and kale with maple glazed walnuts. I replaced a rustic quinoa salad with mixed veggies in garlic cream sauce because veganaise grosses me out. The soup was potato leek. To finish it all out were chocolate chocolate chip cookies. 

First, the tofu chilaquiles were very good. It was so eggy and well-seasoned. I would love for it to have been even more spicy but I guess Vegin' Out is reluctant to add too much spice to their food in fear of turning people off. 

The spaghetti with roasted romas was probably my favorite entree. I ordered it with no mushrooms, so I believe they added even more tomatoes. It was very oily and the spinach and tomatoes were soft. I love how the dish is so healthy and still tastes amazing. I never would have known they use whole wheat pasta as it tastes so fattening!

The jambalaya was also very delicious. This got a little soggy being in the freezer and then transported to my refrigerator.  My only other problem with Vegin' Out is that some dishes don't seem to last past a few days and some even suffer in the freezer so it's really a buyer beware. 

I've never had the real version of this, but Vegin' Out's version was so savory. There were big chunks of field roast that were delicately stir-fried into the well-seasoned rice. 

The sides were also good, although I did not enjoy them as much as the entrees. My favorite was the kale with maple glazed walnuts, which had a good mixture of being sweet and savory. I really love glazed walnuts and am not usually a huge fan of kale, but the kale was easy to chew and evidently well massaged. The dressing accompanying it was also creamy and had a slight sweetness to it. 

The rustic quinoa salad was a little bland, although the dried cranberries added a nice sweetness to it. I wish it had been better seasoned, though. I regret ordering two of these instead of doubling up on a better side dish!

The orzo salad was also very good, although that also needed a bit more spice to it. Nevertheless, it tasted very wholesome and hearty and I felt good after eating it.

One of the highlights was the potato leek soup. My mom used to make this dish when I was growing up and I remember it as being overly chunky and bland. Thus, I was a little nervous to try Vegin Out's version.  I am glad to say it exceeded my expectations. It was so creamy and had a light spice to it. The leeks dominated the soup and were so flavorful. 

Lastly, I indulged in the chocolate chocolate chip cookies. It was hard not to eat these all in one day and took so much self-control! I am glad I was able to contain myself, as these cookies were so decadent and chocolately. The inside was soft and moist and had such a rich flavor. These are up there as the best cookies I've ever had, vegan or not. 

I definitely recommend Vegin' Out. It's such a life saver when you don't have time to cook or can't cook and don't want to eat out every night. The week I ordered it was intense and I barely had time to eat and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for my food from Vegin' Out. Recently, I've been seeing deals from them on Living Social, so I'm sure they'll be having more soon. In addition, they have referral programs and pay in advance deals to lower the cost of their food. It normally cost $117 for a week's worth of food, but given the quality and convenience it's worth it!

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