Saturday, April 16, 2011

Israeli Food at Rami's

Nestled in the Jewish section of Brookline, MA is a lovely Israeli restaurant that is also vegan friendly called Rami's. The restaurant constantly has deals on groupon and my dad snatched a few. We ventured to the restaurant with our voucher, which my dad paid $8 for $16 worth of food. When we arrived, it was nearly empty, but soon a crowd poured in and we found ourselves having to stake down one of the few tables in the restaurant. Rami's can best be described as a very upscale Subway in that you order what type of pita sandwich you want and then choose the veggies from a toppings bar. I love places like this because I feel like I'm in control of how my food will turn out.

My dad and I quickly decided we both wanted falafel pita sandwiches, his with hummus, mine with baba ganoush (each $8). We also ordered a spinach boureka to share ($1.75).

First, I dug into my baba ganoush falafel pita sandwich. The pita was completely loaded with fresh, crunchy vegetables, pouring out as I took my first bite. Each vegetable was delicately coated in tahini sauce, with baba ganoush interspersed. The pita itself was fairly thick, but easy to chew. The falafels were even more amazing, with the outside being so crispy with a soft, chewy center.

Lucky for me, my dad does not have nearly as big of an appetite as I do, so I always end up finishing his meal (if he orders vegan of course).  He left me a bit to try and it was just as tasty as mine. The hummus was really good and very creamy. His pita sandwich had a stronger taste of tahini, which was the culmination of the tahini sauce and hummus. My sandwich tasted a bit more savory with the roughness of the baba ganoush.

After finishing our sandwiches, we split the spinach boureka in half.

The boureka was my favorite part of the meal. It is essentially a spinach pie without the feta cheese. The phyllo dough surrounding it was so flaky, crispy and scrumptious, made only better by the layers of choppy spinach inside. This made for a great end of the meal as it was very pastry-like and had a good mix of being sweet and savory.

Rami's is a great place to go if you want genuine Israeli food and they have plenty of vegan options. A lot of the customers were Israeli, which is a clear indication of both the quality and authenticity. With the groupon we only ended up about $11 total, which is a great deal. The restaurant is already pretty cheap, so I would go back regardless of a discount.

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