Monday, July 22, 2013

A Creative Lunch At LA Vegan Crepe

For my mom's first meal during her visit to Los Angeles, we ventured to Beverly Hills to dine at the fairly new restaurant, LA Vegan Crepe. Despite that the cafe has been open since last December, this was my first time dining at the quaint establishment. The restaurant had such a relaxing atmosphere. When we arrived around noon, the place was nearly empty and the smell of freshly made pastries made my stomach growl. As we sat down, I looked over the menu and immediately settled on the crepe section. My mom and I opted to both get savory crepes for our meal and split a sweet crepe for dessert.

For my entree, I ordered the Savoyarde Crepe ($14).

This crepe was very delicious. The outside was soft and easy to chew. The inside was fantastic and the thin crepe absorbed the flavors so well. The meaty soy sausage worked perfectly with the hearty potato slices. The cheese mixture enhanced the saltiness of the soy sausage and helped bring out the flavors. The white wine sauce took the crepe over the top and had a great balance of bitterness and sweetness. The seasonings were fantastic and lingered in my mouth until dessert came. The accompanying salad was very good, although there were too many mushrooms. The salad was slightly creamy, but very light and refreshing.

My mom ordered the  Veggie Lover's Crepe ($12).

I got to try some of this crepe and it was fantastic. It was very simple in comparison to mine and the focus was more on the crisp vegetables. I enjoyed the melty Daiya cheese and the wonderful seasonings used.

For dessert, we had the Banana Chocolate Crepe ($8.50).

This crepe was not what I expected, but still very good. The waiter explained to us that the chocolate used had a bitter flavor and was unlike Nutella, which is traditionally used in crepes. I still enjoyed the crepe despite that it was not as sweet as I would have liked. The chocolate still had a rich flavor and the bananas added a natural sweetness. The crepe itself had a slight sugary taste. The ice cream made the dish even better, adding its own creaminess and heavenly taste.

Overall, the food was very good. It was a little on the expensive side, but considering that the food is completely vegan and it seems like they use organic ingredients, the food is definitely worth the price. Even better, I used my Green Menu card for a 10% off discount, which saved us a few dollars. I will definitely be back soon to try more of their lovely crepes. 

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