Sunday, August 25, 2013

Switching It Up At Sage Bistro

On a lovely summer night, I ventured to Echo Park to dine at one of my favorite restaurants: Sage Bistro. The food there is wonderful and so scrumptious. It is one of those places that is consistently good and they are always coming out with new items, so I never have to worry about getting bored with their selection. Since their menu is also vast, there are always plenty of options! They had just switched up their menu when I dined there, so I got to try a couple of new items.

I started the meal off with the Crispy Samosa Rolls ($8).

These were superb. They were a great fusion of spring rolls and samosas. The rolls were perfectly crispy on the outside and filled with a spiced potato and green pea concoction. I loved the mixture of Indian and Chinese seasonings. The sauces also were a fantastic compliment, especially the succulent mango aioli.

For my main dish, I ordered one of my favorites and fairly recent new addition to the menu: Butternut Squash Tacos ($12). 

These were very delicious. The kale was soft and well-massaged. It was coated in a creamy, savory cheese sauce that had a lovely chipotle flavor. The sweet, juicy butternut squash was a great contrast to the spicy sauce.

My mom had the Butternut Squash Ravioli ($14).

This was fantastic and totally not what I was expecting. The ravioli pieces were huge and were very thick. They were filled with a rich, luscious butternut cream filling. The sauteed kale was similar to that in my dish and was very easy to chew. The pesto sauce really took the dish over the top, adding a bitter, garlic flavor.

For dessert, we shared a small brownie sundae ($10).

This sundae was magnificent. Although the ice cream was not as creamy as I prefer, it was still very decadent. There was a great mixture of chocolate and coffee flavors from the ice cream and a wonderful salty caramel sauce to balance everything out. The chocolate chips were very crunchy and had a sweet taste.

Overall, the meal was excellent. Everything was so flavorful and I enjoyed the uniqueness of the menu items. Since I used my Green Menu card, I got a 10% off discount, which took a few dollars off the bill. I will definitely return to Sage again very soon and am excited that they will be opening soon in Culver City, which is way closer!

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