Saturday, April 20, 2013

An Earthy Deal At Veggie Grill

For the next few days, Veggie Grill is offering a fantastic deal to encourage patrons to be more eco-friendly. Of course eating a vegan meal is already the most eco-friendly thing a person can do, but since ALL of our actions are important, it's great that Veggie Grill is rewarding customers who are strive to help the environment through riding a bike or taking public transportation. All you have to do is bring your helmet or show your bus receipt to get a free meal. The deal is that if you purchase a meal, you'll get a voucher for a future entree. Make sure you read the fine print, though, since the entree card expires in a month.

I went yesterday with some friends to take advantage of the deal by bringing in a bicycle helmet and presenting it to the cashier. I ordered a baja fiesta salad which was quite tasty with the succulent papaya and buttery avocado slices. I still find the vinaigrette to be a little too sweet, though. I cannot wait to return again with my free entree card. If you haven't gone yet, you have until Monday to bike or bus yourself to one of their locations. I find it odd that walking doesn't count, since that doesn't cause any CO2 emissions, but I guess it's harder to prove that you walked there, unless you present the scuff marks on your sneakers. 

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