Monday, May 28, 2012

A Savory Meal At Seabirds Truck

One of my favorite food trucks in Seabirds, which is unfortunately located in Orange County. Luckily, they sometimes drive up to Los Angeles for special events. Since I volunteered at the Los Angeles Vegan Beer Festival a couple of weeks ago, I had first dibs on their scrumptious food. I also had a Groupon for $5 for $10 in hand.

I started the meal off with some Sweet Potato Fries ($4).

The portion of the fries was immense and this was a meal in itself. The fries were coated in cinnamon sugar and delicately salted. They were perfectly cooked and were slightly crispy. The accompanying sauce was very creamy with a subtle garlicky flavor that offset the sweetness of the fries.

Next, I had a Jack Asada Taco and a Beer Battered Avocado Taco ($7).

Both tacos were delicious. The jackfruit taco was very savory and meaty and mildly spiced. It mimicked pulled pork very well and had a lovely BBQ flavor. The mango salsa added a wonderful sweetness. The beer battered avocado taco was even better. It had a rich avocado taste and was deep fried. The beer batter provided a lovely bitter taste. The creamy aioli sauce was a fantastic addition and so scrumptious.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. Everything was tasty and the food was very innovative. I really wish that Seabirds would visit Los Angeles more often and lower their prices a bit, considering they are a food truck. Nevertheless, I got a fabulous meal for only $6. I will definitely dine at their truck again the next time they are nearby.

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