Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Smart Dinner At Sophie N Me

On my first night in Florida visiting my grandma, we dined at Sophie N Me in Boca Raton. The quaint little restaurant was nearly packed on a Wednesday evening. The restaurant is organic and strives to serve healthy cuisine, which thankfully includes many vegan options. The vegan menu items are marked with a "V", making them easy to locate. Even better, we had a $25 gift certificate.

First, my grandma and I each had a cup of soup. I ordered the Coconut Curry ($3), which I tried first.

This soup was incredible. The broth was very rich and creamy and had a lovely coconut flavor, with hints of sweetness. It was mildly spiced and perfectly seasoned. There were slurpy vermicelli noodles and soft pieces of spinach.

Next, I tried my grandma's soup, which was the Vegetable soup ($3).

Her soup was also very good, although I much preferred mine. The soup was very savory and hearty and the taste of beans was dominant. The broth was very thick and had a rich flavor.

Next, we shared the Sophie N Me salad ($9).

The salad was wonderful. The papaya added a wonderful sweetness, while the avocado was rich and creamy. The lettuce mix was very crisp and crunchy. The lemon-thyme vinaigrette worked perfectly with the salad, adding a lovely bitterness that contrasted with the sweetness of the fruit.

Next, we had the Samosas ($7.50).

The samosas were way different than I expected and unlike the ones I normally eat at Indian establishments. These seemed to be baked, rather than fried and were not as crispy as traditional samosas. They were still good, however, and the filling had a wonderful curry taste. The tamarind sauce was sweet and enhanced the flavor very well.

Next, I had the Macaroni & Cheese side dish ($5.75).

The plate was a generous portion, considering it was only a side dish. This isn't the best mac n cheese I've had, but it was indeed satisfying. It was very creamy, although it needed a little more salt and seasoning.

Lastly, we had dessert. We ordered the Red Velvet cupcake and the Banana Split cupcake ($3.50 each), which were the vegan options of the night.

The banana split was my favorite of the two. It tasted like very moist banana bread with a heavenly, buttery topping. The chocolate chips and walnuts added a lovely crunch.

The red velvet was very delicious and decadent. The cake was chocolaty and very moist, while the frosting was very creamy and had a wonderful sweet flavor.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. The service was a little slow, but the scrumptious food made up for it. With the gift certificate, the meal cost less than $20 total (with tax and tip). The food was very filling and satisfying and my grandma and I left feeling better afterward than we had when we came in. I cannot wait to go back on my next trip to Florida.

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