Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Marvelous Meal At M Cafe

I have had such mixed experiences when it has come to M Cafe. The food can be so spectacular, leaving my taste buds lingering for more, while at times it's just bland. On my last visit to the Melrose location, the food was fantastic, making me wish I had ordered more food to go. I'm not sure why this restaurant is so inconsistent, but I do know that every time I go, I am taking a chance that my meal may be barely edible.

I first ate the Bi-Bim Bop with seitan ($13.25).

This dish was very delicious. The seitan was slightly chewy, was perfectly fried and coated in a lovely crust. The vegetables were nice and soft and very tasty. I was not a fan of the mushrooms, which added an odd mushiness and fungal flavor to the dish. The sauce, however, was very spicy, with a subtle sweetness. It was so scrumptious and greatly enhanced the flavor of the vegetables and seitan.

Next, I had the Chocolate Cake ($6). I had wanted the strawberry short cake, but unfortunately they had run out.

This cake was spectacular. The cake was very moist and had a rich, chocolaty flavor. There was a lovely mixture of frosting in the center of buttercream and dark chocolate. The cake was very decadent, but luckily was not too sweet.

The meal was fantastic and was quite filling. Everything was so tasty and satisfying. I do not usually like dining at the restaurant, as it usually has a fishy smell, but I really enjoyed the mellow atmosphere. With the $10 for $20 Groupon voucher, the meal cost less than $12 total.

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