Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Sweet Meal At Streets Of India

It's always fun to eat at Streets Of India in Encino, especially in the late evening, when the restaurant is nearly empty and quite cozy. I dined there with two friends recently and we had quite the feast. We ordered a lovely variety of dishes, which ranged from sweet to spicy.

We started out the meal with Samosas ($4).

The samosas were very tasty, as usual. The outside was perfectly fried and crispy, while the inside was filled with a delectable potato concoction. The seasonings were fantastic.

Next, we had the Panipuri ($4).

This is a wonderful appetizer and one of my favorites at Streets Of India. The puffs were light and airy and slightly crispy. The interior was both sweet and spicy and had a lovely soft texture. The cheese-like topping was slightly bitter.

Next, we had the Vada Pav ($4).

These were an Indian version of potato pancakes. The batter was mildly spicy and had a slightly crispy exterior. The interior was soft and easy to chew. The accompanying bread was wonderful and had a buttery flavor.

Next, we had the Gobi Manchurian ($9).

This dish was amazing. The cauliflower was deep-fried and very crispy. The onions and bell peppers were well-cooked and very soft and easy to chew. The vegetables were coated in a succulent glaze. The sauce had a subtle sweetness but was very spicy.

Next, we had some unknown vegetable curry, which was given to us in place of our order of Uttapam. I am not sure why we received this instead, but I am assuming the cashier either made a mistake or they were out of the Uttapam.

The curry was very good. The sauce was creamy and had a buttery flavor. The vegetables were well-cooked and there was a lovely taste of lentils that made it very hearty.

Lastly, we had the Vegan Chicken Korma ($9).

This dish was delicious and came accompanied with a wonderful dal. The dal was very hearty and had a mild spiciness. The chicken korma was fantastic and was very rich and creamy. The chicken was slightly chewy and savory.

Overall, I really enjoyed the meal. Everything was flavorful and perfectly spiced. I liked that there was a balance of sweetness and spiciness, so my mouth did not feel an intense heat after eating. The total of the meal was under $20 with our $25 gift certificate. I cannot wait to dine here again.

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