Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farewell, Fresh East

It brings me great sadness to write this post, as it was my last dinner at Fresh East in West Hollywood. I had received an email from Google Offers that the restaurant was suddenly closing its door for good, so I rushed over there to use my voucher I purchased for $10 for $20 worth of food and drink. I have had mixed experiences at this Asian fusion restaurant, but overall I enjoyed their concept of having healthy and quickly prepared food. On my last visit, I didn't want to take any chances trying anything new, in fear my last meal would be subpar, thus I ordered my favorites.

I started the meal with a melonade ($2).

The melonade is the perfect compliment to any meal. It is not too sugary and has a fruity flavor. The sweetness of the melon is natural and refreshing.

Next, I had the Avocado Rolls ($7.50).

The avocado rolls were very delicious. The exterior was slightly crispy to match the soft, luscious avocado filling. The avocados had a rich flavor and were delicately seasoned. The plum sauce was succulent and balanced out the spiciness of the rolls beautifully.

Lastly, I had the beloved entree, Spicy Garlic Noodles with tofu ($9).

This dish was fabulous. The noodles were nice and slurpy and were not too greasy. They were coated in a lovely garlicky sauce and were quite spicy. The tofu was lightly fried and had a wonderful, meaty texture and taste. The vegetables were sauteed well and were soft and easy to chew. The dish was very flavorful and filling.

I am so sad this place is closing but I am happy my last meal was superb. I will greatly miss Fresh East, especially since their food was so reasonably priced. With my Google Offers voucher I only paid $10 total for this fantastic meal. My hope is that they will reopen in the future, with even better food.

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