Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Truly Fine Dining Experience At True Bistro

It wasn't too long ago that I dreaded my trips to Boston, since it has always lacked good vegan cuisine. This changed recently with a sudden increase in vegetarian/vegan restaurants, particularly True Bistro, Boston's first all vegan fine dining restaurant. The restaurant has a small, elegant set up that perfectly matches the exquisite food. I dined there on my trip to Boston, using a voucher I purchased from Bloomspot that cost $35 for a meal for two. Since there were three of us, we ordered a couple extra dishes and shared it all.

We began the meal with House-made ravioli ($8).

This was fantastic. The ravioli was soft and doughy and easy to chew. The inside was filled with a lovely mixture of spinach and cashew cheese. The cashew cheese interior was phenomenal. It had a rich, salty flavor. The sauce was oily and garlicky and complimented the ravioli pieces very well.

Next, we had the Boston lettuce, roasted beet, cashew chevre, toasted walnuts, champagne vinaigrette ($9).

This salad was amazing. The beets had a lovely sweet flavor and the faux goat cheese had a rich, nutty taste with a subtle sweetness. The toasted walnuts were very crunchy and were perfectly salted. The lettuce pieces were very crispy. The dressing complimented the salad very well, as it was very light and not overpowering. 

Next, we had the Grilled romaine heart, French lentils, sun-dried tomatoes, mustard, croutons ($7).

This is my dad's favorite dish here, so we order it every time. The lettuce is nice and crispy and the lentils are soft and taste very hearty. The dressing is slightly bitter. The accompanying baguette slices are crunchy and work well coated with the delectable lentil concoction.

Next, we had the House-made french fries ($6).

These are the best French fries I've had in my life. The are slightly crispy and are not too greasy. They are perfectly salted and lightly coated in a truffle oil.

Next, we had the Seitan Piccata ($17).

The seitan was very meaty and was slightly chewy. It had a savory taste. It was generously coated in a lovely lemon and white wine sauce, which gave it a wonderful bitter flavor. The broccolini and mashed potatoes were great additions to the dish. The mashed potatoes were very creamy and garlicky and the broccolini was soft and well-cooked. 

Next, I had the Crusted tempeh ($17).

This dish was also very good. The crusted tempeh was the best part. The tempeh pieces were perfectly cooked and were very crispy. The coating was divine and was perfectly salted. The cannellini beans, braised artichokes and shaved leeks were wonderful additions and were well-cooked and beautifully seasoned. 

For dessert, we had the Napoleon ($8).

This was wonderful and almost like a strawberry shortcake. The white chocolate mousse was very light and airy, yet was very creamy. It had the texture of cool-whip, yet had a richer flavor. The phyllo dough was crispy and slightly sweet. The strawberries were sweet and luscious and sopped up the mousse perfectly.

We also had and Ice Cream Sandwich ($4).

This was also delicious. The cookie pieces were soft and moist and had a rich chocolaty flavor. The vanilla ice cream inside was very creamy and was not too sweet.

Overall, I loved the meal. Everything tasted delicious and the presentation of the food was superb. The discount greatly reduced the price of the meal, which was worth every penny. I have found that True Bistro is fairly priced, considering the high quality of the meal and the elegant atmosphere. I will definitely return on my next visit.  

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