Saturday, April 21, 2012

MMMazing Meals From Macro-Mediterranean Part 1

During my trip to Boston, we decided to try out a fairly new meal delivery service called Macro-Mediterranean. We heard about it through a deal on Daily Candy for $120 for a week's worth of food. This also included a discount on a future purchase. Since I am a huge fan of food delivery, I was excited to see how this compared to my California favorites, Vegin' Out and Rawvolution. There was a good amount of food that was delivered. In total, there were 14 entrees and 14 side dishes. Since there were three of us eating it, we made it last about a week.

First, I tried the vegetable soup.

This soup was delicious and very hearty. It had a slightly beany flavor and was very savory. The broccoli chunks added a lovely bitterness.

Next, I tried the miso soup.

I've never been a fan of miso soup, yet I still tasted a bit of this. I did not really like this much, as it tasted fishy and did not have enough flavor. It also had a slightly fungal taste from the mushrooms.

Next, I tried the mixed vegetables.

This was pretty good. The vegetables were sauteed and cooked well and delicately seasoned. The sauce was very minimal, although it was quite tasty. I would have appreciated a more generous coating of the sauce and a bit more seasonings.

Next, I tried the Kitchiri.

This was delicious. It tasted very hearty and was both sweet and savory. The lentils were not too overpowering, but were mixed well with the onions, cabbage, celery, and parsley.

Next, I had Iaio's Stew.

This was also very good. It had a wonderful sweetness from the tomato-pineapple broth and the beans were soft and delectable. There was a mild spiciness that made the dish even more flavorful.

Next, I had Arroz Tres Delicias.

This was one of my favorites. It tasted very eggy and was a bit reminiscent of a tofu scramble. This was seasoned very well. I normally do not like carrots, but I really enjoyed these. The broccoli was also very well cooked and was not too chewy.

Next, I had the Tuscan Quinoa.

This dish was pretty good. The quinoa was nice and fluffy and the vegetables were cooked well. There was also a wonderful seasoning and spice. The tomatoes added a subtle sweetness that was a great contrast to the bitterness of the zucchini.

Next, I had the Stuffed Polenta Square.

This was delicious. The texture was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was also very flavorful. The beans gave it a savory taste, while the broccoli added a slight bitterness. The polenta itself had its own subtle sweet flavor.

Next, I had the Frijoles Rancheros.

This was one of my favorites and I found myself wishing there was more. The bean concoction had lovely Mexican spices. The sweet, juicy tomatoes balanced out the heat. The olives were soft and slightly bitter. The creamy mash underneath was so scrumptious and had such a heavenly texture. It was a little salty, with a slightly sweet taste, almost like goat cheese.

Overall, I enjoyed the food. Everything was very healthy, yet still was flavorful. The food worked well for lunches and stayed fresh the whole week. At $120, it was a little expensive, although I think it was worth it, considering the high quality ingredients used. I would definitely recommend this service.

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