Monday, April 23, 2012

MMMazing Meals From Macro-Mediterranean Part 2

After an amazing week of food from Macro-Mediterranean meal delivery service, we decided to order more food for the next week. The Daily Candy voucher came with a wonderful $15 off code that we took advantage of. Since we needed to place a minimum order of $55 for free delivery, we ordered 5 dishes at $11.50 each. Thus the order total came out to be $42.50. 

The first dish I tried was the Potage. 

This dish was lovely and tasted very hearty. The broth was very flavorful and tasted of beans. The chickpeas and kale were soft and delectable, while the kale was slightly chewy. 

Next, I tried the Homestyle Lentils. 

This dish was also very delicious. The lentils were very savory and the broth had a meaty taste. The vegetables were cooked very well and lightly seasoned. The broth had a mild spice and a wonderful curry flavor. 

Next, I had the Cottage Pot Pie.

This was my favorite of all the dishes. The layer of cheese was fabulous and was so creamy and divine. It was salty, yet had a subtle sweetness. Beneath it was a savory mixture of carrots, peas and broccoli, which were perfectly cooked and seasoned. This dish was so flavorful and scrumptious, I only wish we had ordered more of it. 

Lastly, I had the Paella. 

This dish was also very good. The rice had a soft, creamy texture and was delectable. The various beans have it a savory taste and a wonderful bitterness. 

My mom ate the last dish, Cashews over Curried Quinoa and really enjoyed it. She described it as being mildly spiced and very flavorful. 

Overall, I enjoyed the food just as much as the previous week. Everything was flavorful and hearty. Best of all, it was very healthy and I felt fantastic after eating each dish. I would definitely order from them again on another trip to Boston and highly recommend the company to those who reside in the Boston area. 

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