Sunday, September 23, 2012

An Addicting Meal At Chili Addiction

It's not too often I find myself craving chili. I was never a huge fan of the concoction as a meat eater, thus I never find myself getting dreaming about it, as I do many other types of food. Nevertheless, when I found out about Chili Addiction a couple of years ago, I was very excited. The idea of a "meaty" chili on top of a meal was quite titillating. I realized then that chili is best as an ingredient in a dish, not alone. And that is how I got so turned on by the very idea of Chili Addiction. The fairly extensive vegan menu features mock meats and sausages that use Chili Addiction's rotating chilis to spice up the dish. Recently, Google Offers had a voucher for $7 for $15 worth of food that I made sure to snatch up. About a week ago, I headed over to the establishment in West Hollywood to indulge myself in chili.

I started the meal with the Chili Mac ($8).

This dish was very good. The macaroni was very soft and doughy and absorbed the savory flavor of the chili very well. There were chunky bits of soy that were very juicy and gave the dish an authentic meaty taste. The beans were very hearty and delectable. This dish could have been even better with some vegan cheese cooked in.

Next, I had the Chili Cheese Dog ($6).

I didn't really know what to expect from this dish, but I found it very enjoyable. The "hot dog" mimicked the non-vegan version very well and had a rubbery consistency. The chili topping really took it over the top, making it even more savory. The Daiya cheese was a little odd, since it didn't seem to cook long enough to melt in, thus retaining its odd texture. My only complaint was that the faux hot dog would have been way better if it was a soy sausage dog, which would have improved the texture of dish.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. I think Chili Addiction has great potential and can really improve on their vegan menu, although their dishes now are still very good. I would like to try more of their faux meats, such as their homemade sausage and burger patties. I was also intrigued to discover that they have vegan ice creams, too. I cannot wait to go again soon.

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