Friday, September 28, 2012

A Fresh Meal From Fresh Brothers

A few days ago, I ventured to the newly opened Fresh Brothers in Brentwood for some delicious pizza. I have eaten pizza from the Redondo Beach and Marina del Ray locations and have had great experiences at both places. I was excited to order pizza from the Brentwood location to see how it measured up to the other locations. I was not disappointed at all. 

The online ordering process was very simple and enabled me to easily customize the pizza to suit my needs. I opted for the Momma's Favorite. The pizza normally comes with spinach, garlic and mushrooms. Being the mushroom hater that I am, I substituted the mushrooms with tomatoes. I decided to make the pizza a deep dish, which normally cost $2, but was complimentary on the personal size. Switching the mozzarella cheese with Daiya was also free on that size, but normally cost extra if you order a medium, large or XL. I then switched out the pesto sauce for pizza sauce. Vegans should also beware that you must specify "no butter" or they will bake it in a buttered pan. Since I had a 20% off coupon code, which I received in my email through being a member of their e-club, the pizza only cost me $6 after tax. 

The pizza was fantastic. It tasted like a spinach lasagna on a pizza. The crust was crispy and flaky on the outside and soft and delectable inside. The spinach was slightly bitter and chewy, while the garlic added a lovely flavor. The tomato slices were wonderful and were lightly marinated in oil. The pizza was loaded with Daiya cheese that was perfectly melted and took on the seasonings of the toppings very well. 

Overall, the pizza was fantastic. The customer service was also superb. Almost immediately after I placed the order, an employee called me to make sure that the order was correct and that I indeed wanted it to be made completely vegan. I really appreciated that they verified this and understood what a vegan pizza was, unlike Zpizza, which has given me non-vegan pizzas on several occasions and has shown a lack of concern. I will definitely be ordering from Fresh Brothers again to support a business that actually cares about Vegans and goes above and beyond to ensure its customers are satisfied. My hope is that others will support them too, so their business will continue to thrive. 

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