Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Magnificent Meal At My Thai

While waiting for my bus to New York, I dined at My Thai for lunch in the Chinatown in Boston. The restaurant has a sketchy exterior, with an almost as awkward interior. The restaurant is very large and doesn't feel very welcoming when you walk in. Nevertheless, the food is always delicious, the staff is friendly and the prices are very reasonable. On Monday through Friday, they have a wonderful lunch special which includes soup, a spring roll or fried wonton, and entree for only $7.50. We decided to take advantage of this superb deal.

First, our soups came out. The soup that comes with the lunch special is the Tom Yum soup. 

This soup was fantastic. It had a sweet tomato broth, which was contrasted with lemongrass chili paste and lime juice. The tofu is soft and slightly chewy and the vegetables are well-cooked and delectable.

Next, I had the Mango Curry with rice, which was accompanied by two fried wontons.

This dish was delicious. The sauce was very creamy and luscious. The coconut milk and mango made a scrumptious sauce, which was enhanced by the mango chunks and stir-fried vegetables. Despite that I had ordered veggie chicken, the dish was composed of tofu slabs. Nevertheless, the tofu had a meaty texture and was very savory. The accompanying wontons were deep-fried and crispy and filled with vegetables.

Next, I tried some of my mom's dish: the Vietnamese Noodle Dish.

This dish was very good. The noodles were thin and reminiscent of pad-thai noodles. There was a fantastic nutty flavor and the sauce was very spicy.

Lastly, I tried my brother's dish: Pad See Ew.

This dish was also delicious. The noodles were very thick and doughy and soaked in a black bean sauce.  There were juicy pieces of soy chicken that mimicked meat very well. The broccolini was a little overpowering with its bitterness, but had a lovely texture and was easy to eat.

Overall, the food was very enjoyable. I love that My Thai has such an eclectic menu and mixes all types of Asian food from Chinese to Vietnamese to Thai. The food is always flavorful and not too greasy. The lunch special is a fabulous deal and is very filling. I highly recommend it for a fun, weekday lunch in between strolling around downtown Boston.

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