Monday, October 15, 2012

The End Of Green At Starbucks

A few weeks ago, Starbucks broke the news to their devoted customers that they were no longer going to offer soy milk on the house. Instead, they were changing their rewards card features to benefit dairy drinkers. Sadly, today is the last day that customers can enjoy complimentary soy milk (normally 60 cents) with their beverages. I made sure to take advantage by ordering a delicious grande Soy Vanilla Latte ($1.10 off with the reward card benefits). This drink is not only vegan, but has the perfect amount of sweetness and is very creamy.

I know many people are upset by this change. It makes absolutely no sense, especially with the rising cost of dairy milk. My hope is that Starbucks will come to their senses and revert back to the old rewards program.  Be sure to send them a message through their Facebook page or It would also be great if we could get them to add more non-dairy milks and better eco-friendly packaging, too!

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