Saturday, March 17, 2012

Good Times At Golden China

I can now proudly admit that I dine at Golden China in Culver City religiously, usually once a month when I can use a $25 gift certificate. My last visit was just as amazing as all my previous visits.

We started the meal with some egg-free Egg Rolls ($5).

The egg rolls were perfectly crispy and just a little oily. They had such a lovely, salty flavor and the vegetables inside were cooked very well.

Next, we had the beloved Hot and Sour Soup ($6.55).

I cannot get over how delicious this soup is and how many portions are provided. This soup could easily feed six people. It was perfectly spiced and tangy and the tofu pieces so soft and luscious. The broth had a meaty taste, despite being vegan.

Next, we had the Vegetable Chow Mein ($8).

This was actually more like lo mein, than chow mein, thus the name was quite deceiving. Nevertheless, this was fantastic. I've never really liked noodle dishes, as they have a tendency to be overly greasy, but this dish was very light on the oil. The noodles were very soft and slurpy and coated in a scrumptious soy sauce. The stir-fried vegetables added a slight crunchiness.

Next, we had the vegan Mongolian Beef ($11).

This dish was wonderful. The faux beef was slightly chewy, but not too tough. It had a savory and salty flavor. The sauce had a beany taste and was mildly spicy. The vegetables were cooked very well and were nice and soft.

Lastly, we had the vegan Orange Chicken ($11), which did not look like orange chicken at all.

This dish was superb and one of my favorites of the night. The faux meat had a similar texture to the beef, but was a little softer in the center. The vegetables were soft and slightly crunchy. A scrumptious sauce delicately coated the dish, providing a tangy flavor with a subtle sweetness.

Overall, the meal was fantastic, as usual. This place does not disappoint. I am thankful that this place exists, as I cannot tolerate most Chinese restaurants, since the food is usually way too greasy for my sensitive stomach. I always leave Golden China feeling satisfied, yet not ill. With the discount, the meal came out to less than $10 a person (there were three of us all together). I cannot wait to return again soon.

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