Monday, March 26, 2012

A Radiant Week Of Raw Food

As a fan of both healthy food and food delivery services, I was thrilled when Euphoria Loves Rawvolution offered their amazing deal on Groupon for $60 for a raw box, which normally cost $120. I opted for a week that I was extremely busy and didn't have much time to prepare food. The raw food gave me the much needed energy to get through each day and be more efficient. 

First, I tried the nori rolls.

This was a gross between a spring roll and sushi. It tasted very fishy, which was a little off putting. I've never been a fan of sushi, so I did not enjoy this much, although the creamy sauce made it more bearable to eat.

Next, I had the Greek Pizza.

The pizza was delicious. The crust was very crispy, with an onion flavor. There were layers of creamy cheese and soft, delectable vegetables on top. The mixture of cheese and olives made the pizza very salty, while the tomatoes added a slight sweetness.

Next, I had the Tomato Basil soup. 

The soup was very creamy and had a wonderful sweet flavor. There was a lovely spice that contrasted the tomato flavor well. The soup was light and refreshing. 

Next, I had the Tabouli salad.

The salad was slightly crunchy and had lovely Mediterranean spices. It was light and enjoyable.

Next, I had the Cucumber Watercress Soup.

This soup was very cooling and refreshing. It had a slight bitterness and a subtly sweet flavor. Similar to the tomato basil soup, it was very creamy and had a perfect consistency.

Next, I had the Broccolini Salad.

I didn't really like this salad very much. It was pretty bland and did not have much flavor. It needed more seasoning or some sort of dressing. 

Next, I had the Mock Chicken Salad.

I've never been much of a fan of creamy salads, but I really enjoyed this mock chicken salad. It did not taste much like chicken to me, but it had a wonderful creamy and savory taste and the celery pieces made it very crunchy. 

Next, I had the burrito 

This burrito was fantastic. The lettuce was the perfect replacement for a tortilla and absorbed the flavors very well. There was a wonderful savory faux meat that was very spicy. There was also a creamy, nutty cheese, which added a slight saltiness. 

Next, I had the Santorini Sandwich. 

This was a little soggy from being in the refrigerator too long, but it was still very enjoyable. It tasted very similar to the Greek pizza, having a lovely creamy cheese spread and juicy, salty olives. The bean sprouts served as a wonderful topping and added a great crunch.

Next, I had the Apple Crumble.

This was a raw version of Apple Crisp. The apples were very succulent and slightly tart. It had a subtle cinnamon flavor. I do not normally like raisins, but these were sweet and juicy and complemented the apples well. 

Next, I had the Chocolate Coconut Brownie. 

The brownie had the perfect mixture of chocolate and coconut, with each complimenting each other very well. Neither overpowered the other. This dessert was the offspring of a coconut macaroon and a decadent brownie. It was very soft and luscious and had a rich taste.

The meals were supplemented with crackers, which served as a wonderful snack.

The crackers had various flavors, from onion to sesame. They were very crunchy and tasty. 

Overall, the raw box was fabulous and very satisfying. Surprisingly, I did not find myself craving cooked food during the week. In addition, I felt very energetic and more lightweight. I would definitely recommend purchasing the raw box and hope to buy it myself again soon. 

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