Friday, March 2, 2012

Gobble Green: Not So Gobblin'

I recently used a Gobble Green voucher I purchased from Buy With Me for $99 for a week's worth of food. I was not very satisfied with the food that I received. While I love the idea of food delivery and am a frequent user, the quality was subpar and the food was way too bland. I hate to write negative reviews of vegan businesses, especially since Gobble Green is very active in helping animals, but I think their food service has the potential to be great if they made some changes. First, the food came frozen, which is not nearly as good quality as places like Vegin' Out, which serve fresh food. Second, the packaging was not environmentally-friendly at all, as there was a lot of plastic waste. Third, the food needed way more seasoning. Lastly, $99 was really not a good deal at all. This is how much it should cost normally. With a discount, it should be about $50. I cannot believe that people actually would pay full price! The portions also need to be way bigger, as they were barely filling as meals.

Many of the dishes were not labeled, which made it frustrating to try to figure out what I was eating. The ones that were labeled were smudged, making it difficult to interpret. I tried my best to decipher what they were.

First, there was the Mushroom Scramble.

I normally am not a fan of mushrooms, but the mushrooms were blended well and I couldn't taste them. This was one of my favorites, as it was both "eggy" and "cheesy". Nevertheless, it could have used more seasoning.

Next, I had the Vegetable Paella with "Chicken".

This was also pretty good. The sauce had a sweet tomato flavor and the "chicken" was slightly chewy and savory.

Next, I had the Tofu with Spinach and Broccoli.

This was also decent. The tofu was slightly chewy and the chickpeas were soft and delectable. This dish seemed like it was trying to be an Indian dish, but needed way more spices.

Next, I had the Blueberry Muffin.

I really didn't like the muffin at all. There were a few of these along with some Apple Carrot Muffins. These were not only tasteless, but were very rubbery. I'm sure if I had dropped it on the floor, it would have bounced all the way up.

Next, I had the Fettuccine Alfredo with Peas and Broccoli.

I wasn't a fan of the noodles as they were too soft and doughy. The sauce was slightly creamy and needed way more seasoning.

Next, I had the Cashew Pesto Pasta.

The noodles were slightly slurpy, but too soft. The sauce, nevertheless, was superb. It was very garlicky and slightly bitter.

Next, I had the Lemon Garlic Tempeh.

I really liked the tempeh a lot, as it had such a lovely texture, but the sauce was pretty gross. It was way too sour and tasted odd.

Next, I had the Sesame Tofu and Vegetables.

This was pretty good. The tofu was so soft and luscious. The sauce was slightly sweet and tangy. Similar to the other dishes, though, it could have used more spices.

Next, I had the Mac and Cheese.

The mac and cheese was decent. The noodles were nice and soft and coated in a layer of Daiya cheese. It needed a little more seasoning, especially salt.

Next, I had the Southwestern Salad.

This salad made a refreshing lunch. The dressing was very light and had a lovely mixture of beans and corn.

Next, I had the Vegetables in Creamy Tomato Sauce.

This was pretty good, although it needed to be way creamier. It had needed way more spices.

Next, I had the Biscuit.

This was disgusting. It was way too chewy and rubbery and had a rotten flavor. I hate wasting food, but I just could not eat this.

Next, I had the Eclectic Vegetable Curry.

The vegetables were soft and easy to eat, but the sauce needed way more flavor. It also needed to be way spicier.

Next, I had the "Chicken" Enchilada".

This was pretty good. It was one of the more flavorful dishes, although still could have used more spices. It was soft and cheesy and the "chicken" added a wonderful meaty taste.

Next, I had the Tortilla soup.

This was pretty good, although it didn't really taste like tortilla soup at all. It was more like a vegetable soup with a tomato flavor.

Next, I had the Breakfast Oatmeal.

I wasn't really a fan of this oatmeal. Even when I tried to drain it, it was just way too watery. It also needed to be way sweeter. I would have loved if it had some dried fruit or brown sugar.

Lastly, I had the Chocolate Chip Cookie.

This was the best of all and thankfully, there were a bunch of these along with some Snicker doodle cookies. I heated it up, so it was so soft and gooey. It was perfectly moist and had such a heavenly taste. If the rest of the food tasted as good as the cookies, this food delivery service would be amazing.

Overall, I would say Gobble Green is subpar. Some of their dishes are decent and perhaps if I had purchased some seasoning, I could have improved the taste of the food. Nevertheless, they seriously need to work on making their food more flavorful and also have bigger portions and a significant price reduction. I think Gobble Green has the potential to be great and show others how delicious vegan food is, but they still have much work ahead of them.

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