Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Raw Week In Review

I always try to eat healthier in the summer, as my stomach seems to have a difficult time digesting food when the weather is hot. While the weather has been crazy this summer in LA and has mostly consisted of chilly days, my body still senses that it's summer and desires lighter food. Thus, I was happy to use a Groupon that I purchased a few months ago to redeem it for a week's worth of raw food for Euphoria Loves Rawvolution.

I started with the Big Matt with Cheese, which seems to be one of Rawvolution's signature dishes.

This was delicious. The burger was very savory and had a meaty flavor and the cashew cheese was very creamy. The accompanying pickles added a slight bitterness, which contrasted with the sweetness of the tomato slices. The lettuce leaf was very crispy, while the raw bread added a wonderful crunchiness.

Next, I had the broccolini salad.

I really didn't enjoy this dish. It had no flavor to it. It had a very light sprinkling of salt, but really needed some seasonings to spruce it up. The broccolini had a great texture and would have been lovely coated in a scrumptious cashew cheese sauce.

Next, I had the Thai Curry Soup.

This soup was fantastic, although the mushrooms were very off-putting. The soup was very smooth and creamy and had a mild spice. The coconut flavor was very dominant. There was a subtle minty taste, which was quite refreshing.

Next, I had the Scarborough Fair Soup.

This soup was similar to the Thai Curry, but was even creamier and had a wonderful blend of vegetables. It had a very mild spice and was seasoned very well.

Next, I had the Greek Pizza.

This was very delicious. There were layers of greens on top of a crispy raw olive bread, coated in a dense nutty cheese spread and topped with succulent bell peppers.

Next, I had the Mock Chicken Salad.

This was also one of my favorites, although not very aesthetically pleasing. The celery and nut concoction mimicked real chicken perfectly, as it tasted very meaty. There was a creamy "mayo" sauce, which greatly enhanced the flavor of the mock chicken.

Next, I had the Mediterranean Tabouli.

This was a step above the Broccolini salad, but I still didn't enjoy it very much. It had an odd consistency and was very soggy. It also tasted way too bitter and was difficult to eat.

Next, I had the Nut Loaf with BBQ Sauce.

This dish was decent. The nut loaf had a savory taste, although it was a little too bitter. The accompanying sauce was pretty good, although it could have been sweeter to tone down the flavor of the nut loaf.

Next, I had the Sloppy Joe Sandwich.

I found this dish to be quite enjoyable, although the name was very deceiving. This was simply a nut patty on a bed of lettuce with some raw bread. The patty was moderately spiced and had a lovely chili flavor. 

Next, I had the Summer Corn Salad.

This dish was amazing. The corn was so sweet and juicy, which was contrasted with the bitter celery and onion slices. There was a wonderful creamy sauce that added a light spiciness to the dish.

Next, I had the Strawberry Cream Parfait.

This was advertised as a dessert, but did not taste like one at all. The strawberries had a lovely sweet flavor, but the cashew cream sauce was slightly bitter. Nevertheless, it was enjoyable to eat and tasted very refreshing.

Lastly, I had the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls.

This dessert was fantastic. These tasted like decadent truffles loaded with chocolate chips. The taste of cacao butter was strong and left an aftertaste in my mouth that lingered for quite a while.

Overall, the food was very good. Each dish was filling and I love that I didn't feel weighed down after eating. I would have preferred that Rawvolution allow for my customizable orders, since I did not like some of the dishes. I know this is very difficult to do with a meal delivery service, but Vegin' Out allows you to double up on certain dishes in place of others. Still, I found the box to be a very good deal, since the Groupon voucher only cost me $60. I cannot wait for my next order. 

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