Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some Crazy Good Food At Cowboys And Turbans

Cowboys and Turbans in Silverlake is a true gem. Hidden in a discreet strip mall in a bohemian area, the restaurant appears to be a hole-in-the-wall establishment, but there is a tranquil patio with a wonderful ambiance. On my most recent visit, my friends and I cozied up to the warming fire, enjoying our eclectic meal of Indian-Mexican fusion delicacies.

We began the meal with a Spinach Samosa ($6).

The samosa was huge. It was the size of at least 2 or 3 normal samosas. It was very delicious. It was like a combination of a samosa and spanikopita. The samosa was deep-fried and very crispy. The pastry was very flaky and buttery. In the interior was a lovely spinach concoction that was mildly spiced and slightly chewy.

Next, we had the Cauliflower Samosa ($6).

This samosa was similar to the spinach one in that the outside was very crispy and had a lovely flakiness.  The interior, however, was very different. The cauliflower had a curry flavor and was very spicy. It was soft and easy to chew.

Next, we had the Tofu Masala Burrito ($9).

This dish was a fantastic fusion of Mexican and Indian flavors. The tortilla was thick and slightly chewy and absorbed the masala sauce very well. The tofu was very savory and had a meaty taste. The marsala sauce had a rich tomato flavor and was very creamy. The accompanying chips were freshly baked, lightly salted and were very crispy. I would have preferred that they were served with salsa.

Next, we had the Indian Farmer's Dal ($11).

This dish was also very good. The lentils tasted very hearty and there was a lovely spinach taste. There was also a subtle ginger flavor. This dish was very spicy and left my mouth burning.

Lastly, we had Aloo Gobi Pizza ($11).

The pizza was the definite highlight of the meal. This was a wonderful fusion of Indian and Italian cuisines. The crust was perfectly crispy and had a wonderful doughy taste. The cauliflower and potato mixture was lightly spiced and had subtly sweet flavors from the mango chutney and tomatoes. There were notes of ginger. The daiya cheese melted perfectly and blended well with the seasonings and spices of the curry concoction.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. Everything was flavorful and I really appreciated the fusion of a variety of cuisines. The seasonings from each cuisine truly enhanced their counterparts. With the $15 for $30 Groupon voucher that we had, the meal only cost $15 a person, since there were three of us. We were completely stuffed and could barely move after the meal. I will definitely return, hopefully with another deal in hand.

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