Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Riveting Brunch At Real Food Daily

A couple of weeks ago, I dined at one of my favorite restaurants, Real Food Daily, for their Sunday brunch. Not only is their food amazing, but their brunch items are spectacular. Since my dad was in town and loves RFD, I knew I had to take him there.

My dad ordered the Pancake Platter with blueberry pancakes ($14.50).

I tried some of his dish and it was fantastic. The pancakes were very light and fluffy and had a buttery flavor. The blueberries were very juicy and gave the pancakes a wonderful sweetness. The tempeh bacon was very crispy and had a smoky flavor. The hash browns had a lovely crunchiness and tasted very savory.

Next, I had my own dish, the Weekender with french toast ($14.25).

This is the best dish to order, since it provides a sampling of a variety of breakfast foods. The tofu scramble was very eggy and perfectly salted. The jalapeno cashew cheese added a mild spice to the dish and was very creamy. The french toast was some of the best I've had, vegan or not. Similar to the tofu scramble, it had a very eggy flavor which was greatly enhanced by the sweet cinnamon coating. The bread was also thick and absorbed the batter perfectly. The tempeh bacon and hash browns were wonderful accompaniments.

Overall, the meal was superb. Each dish had its own unique flavor, which played off very well with the accompanying dishes. We used my dad's $10 off birthday coupon and received a fantastic deal. The meal was around $25 with the discount. I definitely recommend spending a lazy Sunday at the RFD brunch. I cannot wait to return in the near future.

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