Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Detoxifying Week From Leaf Organics

I have always been curious about juice cleanses, as it seems like a great way to detoxify. Nevertheless, I know I cannot actually stick to a juice cleanse, since I crave food too much. I decided to do a partial cleanse when I saw that Leaf Organics was having a deal on Groupon for $85 for their Living Foundation box. Each box consisted of 3 1/2 days worth of food and juices, which totaled 14 meals and 7 juices.

The first juice was my favorite and was a lemonade.

The lemonade was very good, but a little more tart than the typical lemonade. It tasted very fresh and went well with the food that was provided.

Next, there was a detox drink, that tasted of ginger and cayenne peppers. It was very spicy and left my mouth burning upon drinking it.

There was also a kombucha.

I am not a fan of kombucha, so I had to force myself to drink this bitter concoction. For those who don't know, komucha is fermented tea but does not taste sweet at all.

Next, I had the Flying Falafel Burger.

The bread was slightly crunchy and oniony and filled with a soft, meaty falafel burger. The accompanying sauce had a creamy tahini flavor and was slightly nutty.

Next, I had the Bedouin Burrito.

The burrito had a creamy hummus inside, but was slightly bitter. The vegetables were very crisp and crunchy. The collard green wrap added an extra bitterness. The accompanying sauce was slightly cheesy.

Next, I had the Bombay Burrito.

This burrito was even better than the last. The collard green wrap was filled with a lentil croquette that was very savory. The accompanying coco curry sauce made the wrap even more flavorful and enhanced the spiciness.

Next, I had the Hale Kale salad.

I really did not like this salad very much. The kale was not massaged very well and had a tough consistency. The dressing was very bitter and sour. There were also avocado chunks that were overly ripe.

Next, I had the Garden Salad.

The salad was pretty good. There was an interesting mixture of vegetables, from lettuce to carrots to sprouts to pickled beets. They all tasted very fresh and had a crisp texture. The dressing was very creamy and had a balsamic flavor.

Next, I had an unknown salad.

I couldn't figure out what type of salad this was, but it was very good. I am guessing that it was the Supremely Caesar salad. The lettuce was very crisp and there were small pieces of "cheesy" bits. There were also chunks of crunchy, smoky "croutons". The tomatoes added a lovely sweetness to the salad and the dressing was very creamy with a slightly bitter flavor.

Next, I had the Purely Pad Thai.

The kelp noodles resembled glass noodles perfectly and were very slurpy. There were crunchy nuts that had a subtle sweet flavor. The creamy asian nut sauce greatly enhanced the dish, as the sauce was so scrumptious and had a lovely balance of sweet and spicy.

Lastly, I had the Spaghetti with Meet Balls.

The squash noodles mimicked spaghetti very well. The noodles were coated in small nutty balls that had a meaty flavor and sweet marinara sauce. This dish was very enjoyable and had great spices and seasonings.

The Living Foundation box was fantastic. I enjoyed most of the food and juices, although I still think the food could have used some improvement. I would have preferred to have chosen the drinks and food from the menu to avoid getting dishes that I did not like. Nevertheless, the box was still worth it and it left me feeling light and energetic. A bonus is that it enabled me to lose a few pounds. I would definitely get the box again if Leaf Organics offers another deal, but I wouldn't pay full price for it.

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