Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Happy Lunch At Happy Veggie

Los Angeles is littered with tons of vegan Thai restaurants, offering almost identical menu items. Since I love Thai food, it saddens me that there is such a lack of originality at these places. I was excited to hear about Happy Veggie, a vegan Asian restaurant in Redondo Beach which offers more variety than most. It was lovely to see a menu filled with a mix of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Since Happy Veggie was offering a limited time discount of buy one lunch special, get one free, my friends and I decided to take advantage. The lunch special is already an amazing deal. For $8, you get a soup of the day and an entree of your choosing, along with a side of rice. During this promotion, it only cost $4 for a heaping amount of delicious food.

We began with the pumpkin soup.

This soup was fantastic. It had a thick, creamy consistency and the pumpkin broth gave it a lovely sweet flavor. There was a spicy curry that balanced the sweetness very well and provided a subtle heat.

Next, I had the Lemongrass Chicken.

This was also very good. The faux chicken strips were slightly chewy and had a meaty texture. They were very juicy and had a savory taste. The vegetables were stir-fried well and were soft and easy to chew. The dish was coated in a sweet and spicy sauce that had a wonderful tanginess.

Overall, the meal was very delicious. The dishes were so flavorful and I loved the pumpkin soup. It was an unexpected dish to find at a vegan Asian restaurant. I would definitely recommend visiting Happy Veggie, as the service was great and the food was not too oily, yet very tasty.

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