Monday, June 25, 2012

Celebrating Fathers Day With Carvel

This past Father's Day, I honored my dad by ordering a vegan ice cream cake from the Carvel in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately, he wasn't here to enjoy it, but I made sure to send him pictures and descriptions of the cake. Since I purchased a Groupon voucher, the ice cream cake only cost $12. The cake was a decent size and very delicious. I enjoyed every bite.

The cake had three layers: vanilla ice cream, chocolate crunch pieces and chocolate ice cream. The ice cream had a sweet, luscious flavor, but the texture was a little off. While it had a creamy consistency, there were a few icy patches. This may be attributed to my freezer, since the cake did not hold up very well and got a little melty. My favorite part of the cake was the frosting, which was so succulent, yet light and airy. The confetti pieces also added a wonderful crunch.

Overall, the cake was fantastic. I would love to see more flavor varieties, since vanilla and chocolate can get a little boring. Nevertheless, this reminded me so much of the beloved ice cream cakes I used to order frequently before going vegan. It's so nice to know that these options exist, especially for special occasions. Carvel appears often on "Groupon Now", which is a part of the Groupon website that allows you to receive a voucher instantly for immediate use. In addition, they offer their own coupons that can be used anytime. I cannot wait to order a cake from Carvel again and highly recommend it.

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