Monday, June 11, 2012

Riveting Shakes From Cafe Rivva

Cafe Rivva is one of my favorite places to get some delicious shakes and smoothies. I was excited when they had a deal recently on Gather Green for $8 for $16 worth of shakes. On a warm, spring afternoon, I decided to order two shakes to replace my meals for the day.

I first had the 16 oz Green Delight Smoothie ($8).

This smoothie was so scrumptious. The drink was very creamy and frothy and had a sweet, fruity taste. The spinach was barely noticeable, but added a slightly bitter taste to the drink. It was very refreshing and filling.

Next, I had the 16 oz Raw Cacao Smoothie ($8).

This smoothie was even more amazing. It was also very creamy and frothy and had a rich, chocolatey taste. There was a subtle fruity flavor and it was very sweet. The goji berries added a slight tartness and a lovely crunch.

Overall, I really enjoyed the shakes. They were both flavorful and refreshing and filled me up throughout the day. I found that drinking them in place of meals actually provided me with more energy than usual. I thought I would have serious food cravings, but surprisingly, I didn't. This deal was fantastic, as it made each smoothie only cost $4. I cannot wait to return to Cafe Rivva for more smoothies and also try their enticing vegan gelato.

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