Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Fantastic Brunch At Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart has one of the most amazing brunches in LA. I would probably go there every weekend if it wasn't so damn far. The food is delicious and very reasonably priced, considering the large portions they dish out. On a Saturday morning, after yoga, I ventured to the cafe with my $10 for $20 Gather Green voucher in hand to enjoy a delicious brunch.

I began the meal with a non-dairy peanut butter shake ($5).

The vegan milk shakes at Follow Your Heart are some of the best I've had and comparable to dairy versions. The peanut butter shake was very delicious. It was very frothy and creamy and had a wonderful sweet taste. Thankfully, it wasn't too sugary and was quite refreshing.

Next, I had the Pancake special, which consisted of wheat-free raspberry pancakes served with tofu scramble, home fries and a soy sausage link ($11).

The pancakes were spectacular. I was a little afraid the consistency would be off, since there was no gluten, but the pancakes were very light and fluffy. The pancake batter was sweet and buttery and the raspberries added a wonderful tartness. The accompanying maple syrup enhanced the sweetness.

The tofu scramble was also wonderful. The tofu was very soft and had a lovely "eggy" taste. It was perfectly seasoned and had a mild spice. The home fries were also very good. The potatoes were well-cooked and combined with some onions and peppers. The soy sausage link was very savory and perfectly mimicked the taste of real sausage. It had a slightly smoky flavor.

I took home a chocolate raspberry cake ($5) for dessert, which lasted me a few days.

The cake was phenomenal and the perfect way to end a lovely meal. The cake was very moist and had a rich chocolate flavor. The layers of chocolate mousse were so luscious and heavenly and had a creamy consistency. The raspberry coulis was tart, yet had a slightly succulent taste.

Overall, I loved the meal. Everything was fantastic and the food was very filling. I was overcome by the sugary meal and barely made it home before I fell into a food coma. This is definitely not a good meal if you actually plan to be productive the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to return to try more of their brunch items. The meal cost about $16 total (with tax and tip).

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