Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Not So Vibrant Meal At Veggie Grill

I recently dined at Veggie Grill with a complimentary entree card that I received from volunteering. From the moment I walked in, I could tell that something was not right that evening and the employees seemed to have no idea what they were doing. The girl who took my order still made me pay for part of the meal, despite that the card clearly stated the meal should have been free. I tried to argue with her, but realized my efforts were futile and I got nowhere. I then waited for quite a while for the food, which seemed odd, since the restaurant was nearly empty. After about twenty five minutes, an employee brought me the incorrect meal. I immediately corrected her and told her I ordered a salad, not a burger and it turned out my food had been sitting there getting cold. I was upset at the disregard of the employees for making this error and not even bothering to apologize for their mistake.

I started to eat the Baja Fiesta salad with Blackened Tempeh immediately, as I was so overcome by hunger.

I have had this salad many times before, but found this to be almost inedible. There was barely any dressing on it and the small amount they put was very lumpy. The vegetables did not taste very fresh and the avocado had a funky flavor. The tempeh also had an odd consistency and did not seem to be cooked well. If I weren't so hungry, I doubt I would have finished the salad. I thought about complaining to a manager, but didn't feel like dealing with the staff.

When I got home, I retreated to my computer and contacted Veggie Grill about my experience. I rarely deal with customer service unless my experience is that horrible. The Veggie Grill customer service is remarkable and contacted me promptly to handle the issue. I'm not sure if the service at the location is any better, but I am glad that there are people there that seem to care about my patronage. They were also very kind in sending me incentives to return. I am willing to give Veggie Grill another shot in hopes they really are trying to improve.

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