Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Spectacular Meal At Sage Bistro

I recently ventured to Sage Bistro in Echo Park to dine with some friends during lunchtime. The hipster cafe was packed when we got there and there was a great energy on the cold, winter afternoon. I was excited to eat the amazing food. The special that day sounded very enticing and the waiters raved about it. I decided to give it a try and am so happy I did.

The tacos were fantastic. They were loaded with chewy kale, luscious sweet potatoes, succulent corn, and bitter broccolini. The well-cooked vegetable concoction was coated in a scrumptious chipotle cream sauce, which had a wonderfully smoky and nutty taste. The tortillas were nice and soft and absorbed the flavors of the tacos perfectly. The beans and rice that accompanied were well-seasoned and mildly spiced. They complimented the tacos beautifully. 

Overall, the meal was magnificent. The tacos were surprisingly very filling, so I opted not to order ice cream for dessert. With my Green Menu membership, I received a 10% off discount, which slightly reduced the price of the meal. The food at Sage is fairly reasonably priced, so it's great that they offer an extra discount that can be used anytime. I will definitely return again soon. 

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