Monday, December 24, 2012

A Riveting Meal From Cafe Rivva

On a Wednesday afternoon, I decided to take advantage of a one day deal that I received from As I browsed on the list of participating restaurants on Seamless' website, I settled on a lovely Vegetarian cafe just blocks away from my house called Cafe Rivva. I had only tried the smoothies and ice cream and was excited to try their actual food. I was also anxious to find out how much the discount in the email was for, since it was a mystery that was revealed during checkout.

I settled on the Gluten-Free Vegan wrap ($10) and headed over to Cafe Rivva to pick up my meal. The discount ended up being 20% off, which gave me a good $2 off. I was also happy to discover that the meal came with a bottle of iced tea.

The wrap was delicious. The tortilla was a little too chewy, being that it was gluten-free, but had a nice taste. The quinoa burger inside was very savory and hearty. The special sauce coated the fresh, crispy vegetables well and was so scrumptious. It had a tangy flavor and was very creamy. The accompanying quinoa salad was also very good and had a wonderful citrusy vinaigrette.

I drank the iced tea to wash down the meal

It was very refreshing and had a lovely flavor. There was a subtle minty taste and it was cooling.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. I love that it was so healthy, yet the food was very flavorful. My only complaint was that the gluten-free tortilla was a little odd and I would have preferred the option to replace it with a regular tortilla. Nevertheless, the wrap was still very satisfying and I would definitely order it again. I cannot wait to return to Cafe Rivva again soon.

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