Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Addicting Meal At Addis Red Sea

Just when I thought I was tired out of eating Ethiopian food, I experienced the amazing, addicting food at Addis Red Sea in Cambridge, Massachusetts. My family headed there the weekend before Christmas and fairly small restaurant was nearly packed. The tables and seats were low to the ground, yet very comfortable. The staff was kind and considerate and very attentive.

We first tried to place an appetizer order of Sambusas. Sadly, they were all out of the delectable fried pastries, with the exception of the one filled with beef. Instead, we placed an order for Dado, an Ethiopian style bread that was accompanied by a hot red pepper sauce.

The bread was very soft and spongy and lightly coated in oil. It absorbed the scrumptious red pepper sauce which had lovely spices.

Next, we had the Vegetarian combination plate, with the addition of an extra Vegetarian entree.

The dishes we chose for this were fabulous. First, there was the Butecha, which was a wonderful chickpea paste that was smooth and had a rich flavor. Next, there was the Atakilt, which was a mixture of various vegetables that were well-cooked and seasoned. There was also the Yesmsir Alcha, which was a fantastic lentil concoction with a strong ginger taste. In addition, there was the Mittin Shuro Wat, which were split peas with the same scrumptious spicy sauce that was in the appetizer. Finally, there was the Tikle Gomen, which was a cabbage dish that had a light coating of oil and lovely seasoning. There as also a refreshing salad which had a slightly tangy vinaigrette. The accompanying injera bread was much lighter than the Ethiopian bread I am so used to at restaurants in Los Angeles, but was much easier on my stomach. Despite the airiness, the bread still absorbed the flavors of the dishes very well.

Overall, the food was very good. The dishes were flavorful, yet were very light. I found myself able to eat more than usual, and did not feel weighed down after the meal. We used a Groupon voucher which cost us $15 (with a $5 off deal we received via email) and provided us with $40 worth of food. The $25 discount greatly reduced the cost of the meal.

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