Thursday, January 17, 2013

An Amazing Meal At Allston Diner

On a cold frigid morning, my dad, brother and I ventured to Allston, MA to dine at the delectable Allston Diner. The quaint establishment had a cozy retro interior and since it was just a couple days after Christmas, the diner was almost empty. This was good for us, since it meant the server was very attentive and made sure our food was to our liking. I was pleased that they had a variety of enticing vegan options. Unfortunately, my dad and brother opted for egg omelets.

I first had The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast ($11).

This truly was the ultimate breakfast and had a lovely variety of flavors and textures. The tofu scramble was very moist and eggy and mixed with perfectly sauteed veggies. I opted for spinach, onions, and sundried tomatoes. The onions added a wonderful bitterness, while the sundried tomatoes added a tartness. The faux sausage was also delicious and had a savory flavor. The consistency was wonderful and it was slightly juicy. The home fries had a light coating of oil and was sliced thin. It was almost resemblant of a potato chip. The texas toast was thick and had absorbed the sweet vegan butter very well.

As a side, I had a Vegan Flapjack ($3).

The flapjack was very tasty and had a fantastic buttery flavor. It was very fluffy and perfectly moist. I also liked that it wasn't too sugary. It was the perfect compliment to The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast and balanced out the savoriness of the entree.

Overall, the meal was fabulous. I really enjoyed the food and felt very relaxed in the warm ambiance. We used a Groupon voucher that we purchased for $10 and was worth $30 (giving us a wonderful $20 discount). I hope to return to Allston Diner again soon and would love for them to add even more vegan options (especially since the ones they currently have are so scrumptious).

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