Monday, June 6, 2011

A Lovely Dinner At Leaf Organics

A couple weeks ago, I ventured back to Leaf Organics to try some more menu items. The menu is not too extensive, but since I had only been there a couple times before, I hadn't tried much. I love that Leaf Organics is fairly inexpensive, given that most of the menu consists of raw or raw fusion items. My friend and I used a $25 gift certificate for what turned out to be a very delicious and reasonably priced meal.

First, we started out with the Veggie Chili ($6.50).

The soup was very hearty and the strong taste of beans made it very savory. There was a light, creamy layer of "sour creme" which was a great contrast to the denseness of the soup. In addition, there was an light garnish of a mildly spiced tomato salsa that made the soup even more flavorful.

Next, our two entrees came out. We ordered a Philly Cheeze Stake Lavash ($11) and a Holy Moly Guacamole Wrap ($10). I dug into my Holy Moly Guacamole Wrap.

This wrap was so delicious and overloaded with a creamy, decadent guacamole. The taste of avocados was dominant, but it was filled with fresh, crunchy vegetables that were very well-seasoned. I opted for the sprouted tortilla wrap, which had a hard texture, yet worked very well with the interior. Nevertheless, the wrap was very messy and fell apart as soon as I removed the paper wrapping.

I tried some of my friend's Philly Cheeze Stake sandwich, which was also very good.

The dish consisted of a decadent cashew creme sauce which worked perfectly with the salty pieces of juicy soy meat. There was a light mixture of vegetables and sauerkraut interspersed. While I've never had the real deal, this seemed to replicate it well and my friend also enjoyed it.

Lastly, we saved the best for last. Leaf has amazing raw desserts and I was excited to order my favorite that I've had there: Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake ($8).

This was so rich and decadent and had a strong chocolate flavor. The taste of raspberry was also very prominent. The cheesecake was very soft and creamy and melted in my mouth. The raspberry syrup topping provided an even more heavenly flavor and added a slight bitterness to the sweetness of the cheesecake. I will definitely order this again.

Overall, I really enjoyed our meal. It was a great mixture of raw and cooked items and I did not feel disgusting afterwards. Leaf really is one of the best at integrating these two food types. The food is already well priced, but is even better when a discount is used. The total came out to around $9 a person. I cannot wait to go back and try more dishes.

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