Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Very Green Beauty Day

Yesterday, I attended a Green Beauty Makeover Party hosted by a lovely organization called the Green Lifestyle Film Festival, which encourages filmmakers to create work that addresses environmental issues and inspires change. I did not know much about the organization beforehand, but I left the party feeling so uplifted and found much of the discussion in their Q&A session really resonated with me. It's been so long that I've seen environmentalists promote a Vegan lifestyle and I'm so glad I found an organization that recognizes that sustainability is directly linked with a plant based diet. 

I had such an amazing time at the party and my beauty was definitely transformed inside outward. There were free facials, massages and makeup applications. After being made gorgeous, I made my way over to the wine bar for some free wine tasting. They had various types of organic wines and the supply seemed endless. 

There were also free dance demos, which were really enjoyable and left my body drenched in sweat. After a hard workout, I indulged in soy chicken fingers and kale salad provided by Veggie Grill. Sadly, I missed the raw chocolate cake, which was handed out while I was participating in one of the dance classes. Afterwards, there was a free juice bar set up, consisting of delicious mixed juice beverages. The juices ranged from spicy to sweet and were all natural and quite luscious (at least the sweet ones I opted for). 

When I got home, I felt so invigorated. My complexion was radiant and my body was energized from all the healthy food and drink I devoured. Even better, I had a goody bag to remember the day by and luxurious eco-friendly products to add to my collection. It made me even happier that the bag was completely made of grass and filled with so many Vegan items, including jelly beans (sans the gelatin). 

I am hoping this great organization will continue to have events this summer, and I encourage everyone to support them in any way they can. They have such an amazing energy and a fabulous motivation to make the world a better place. 


  1. A heart filled event full of love! Please enjoy my snapshots you can find at my Facebook page: And please "like" my page when you are there so you can find out what we are doing next! GreenTwithTamara.TV

  2. Nice write-up! Thanks!! As a speaker on the panel I was really inspired by this event also! Here's my review: