Saturday, June 4, 2011

Terrific Tacos At Mandoline Grill

I find it quite odd that in the past year, food trucks seem to have suddenly taken over the streets and I can't seem to go anywhere without seeing one. There is so much allure to them, as the food is so inexpensive and delicious and each truck has its own innovative menu. Depending on what you're in the mood for, you can usually find a truck carrying some version of it within walking distance. Finding Vegan options on the truck can present a challenge, though I have found most trucks have at least one option, if not more.

One of my favorite trucks, of course, is Mandoline Grill, which advertises as being Vegan-friendly and eco-friendly. All of their menu items can be made Vegan with the substitution of tofu for meat and the replacement of a Vegan sauce. I was even more excited when I noticed they had a deal to encourage eco-friendly traveling. If you arrive to the truck with a bicycle in hand, you get a dollar off a combo of your choice. 

I debated over what to order and opted for one of my favorite dishes: tofu tacos ($6). The plate included three delicious soft tacos stuffed with grilled tofu and a small assortment of veggies, covered in an aioli sauce.

These tacos were so good and I love the fusion of Vietnamese and Mexican flavors. The tortilla was very soft and warm and filled with the juiciest tofu I've ever had. The tofu was cooked so well and coated in seasonings to create a very meaty texture and taste. There was also a perfect mixture of sweetness from the cucumbers and pickled vegetables and spiciness from the savory and creamy aioli sauce. The tacos were made even better by the light garnish of mint leaves, adding even more flavor to the already amazing dish.

I cannot wait to go back and order these tacos again. Six dollars is such a great deal for these, as they are so tasty and unlike any taco I've had before. They were also very filling and satisfying. Mandoline Grill has so many great Vegan options and luckily they're usually around my neighborhood once a week. Nevertheless, this a truck I would make the trek for, as their food is just that good and cannot be replicated. 

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