Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Noble Dinner At Nyala

Ethiopian food is a cuisine that I discovered fairly recently, yet I have an extreme love affair with it. I find myself craving it at odd times of the day. Lucky for me, Ethiopia town is a short drive away and is packed with rows of vegan-friendly restaurants. One of my favorites that I've tried, other than the entirely vegan Rahel, is Nyala. Unlike Indian restaurants, the vegetarian menu is completely free of dairy and eggs. Unfortunately, Nyala does not make my beloved sambussas, but they do have some fabulous options.

First, they brought us a complimentary appetizer. I absolutely love free food, so this is a huge win for Nyala in my book. 

This was an Ethiopian version of hummus and pita. The bread was a little more dense than pita and sopped up the dip very well. The dip was slightly creamy and oily and had a wonderful blend of spices. 

Next, my friend and I each ordered a bowl of lentil soup ($5 each).

The portion was pretty small, but we didn't mind. The soup was very hearty and lightly spiced and had a wonderful lentil flavor.  

Next, we had a double portion of the vegetable combo ($24).

The combo had a wonderful assortment of flavors. The beans were very savory, while the split peas had a subtly sweet flavor. The collard greens were perfectly salted and had a slightly bitter taste. The salad had a tangy dressing, with a hint of citrus. The injera bread was very spongy and absorbed the flavors of the curries very well.

Overall, the meal was fantastic. We were both stuffed and had food for the next day. My craving for Ethiopian food was satisfied and I had a lovely mixture of flavors in my mouth for several hours after. With the $25 gift certificate, the meal only cost $10 per person. I cannot wait to have Ethiopian food again, whether it be at Nyala or another restaurant on the row. 

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