Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Special Lunch At Lotus Vegan

Lunch specials are some of my favorite deals and are very prevalent at Asian restaurants. In LA, since there are so many vegan (and vegan-friendly) Asian restaurants, it's so easy to enjoy a lunch special. On a sunny Monday, my friend and I dined at Lotus Vegan for lunch and took advantage of their lovely lunch special.

I opted for the pad thai with soy chicken ($8). I began the meal with a small salad, that was brought out almost immediately after ordering.

The salad was wonderful. The lettuce and cucumber pieces were very fresh and crispy. The peanut dressing was very creamy and had a rich, decadent flavor. It was very sweet, with a hint of saltiness.

Next, the entree came out, along with an accompanying spring roll.

The spring roll was fantastic. It was very flaky and crispy with a lovely vegetable mixture on the inside. The dipping sauce worked very well and had a lovely sweet, tangy flavor. The pad thai was delicious. The noodles were soft and slurpy and there was a great mixture of sweetness and spiciness. The soy chicken was a nice contrast to the noodles, as it had a slightly chewy texture and gave the dish a meaty flavor.

Overall, I really enjoyed Lotus Vegan. The food is delicious and very flavorful and the prices are reasonable. Nevertheless, the menu is very similar to pretty much every other thai place in LA, so I wouldn't dine here unless I was in the area. I'm sure I'll return, regardless, and hopefully try other items on their menu.

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