Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Ravenous Meal At Red Lentil

On a chilly winter night, I ventured to Watertown, MA to dine at a lovely vegetarian restaurant called Red Lentil. The food at this establishment is top-notch and always hits the spot. They offer a range of food from pretty much every cuisine, from Indian to Italian to Mexican. They also use a large assortment of vegetables and meat substitutes, along with wonderful spices and sauces. Luckily, Red Lentil is featured on the Boston Dining Cards and we received a $10 off discount in the stack of cards we received, when we ordered it for $20. 

We began with the Gobi Manchurian ($8).

This appetizer is amazing. The cauliflower is deep fried and coated in a luscious batter. The sauce is so scrumptious and is slightly sweet and tangy with a subtle chili flavor. The onions and green peppers are soft and flavorful.

Next, I had the Pistachio and Herb Encrusted Tofu With Corn Cake ($14.50).

This dish was phenomenal. The tofu was lightly fried and slightly crispy, with a wonderful pistachio flavor. It was lightly spiced and had a lovely seasoning. The corn cake was a fantastic addition, having a sweet flavor and had a delectable texture. The greens on top were easy to chew and had a light seasoning that gave it a bitter taste. The sauces took the dish over the top, adding both sweet and spicy flavors.

Next, I tried my mom's dish. She got the pizza special made vegan ($15).

This pizza was delicious. It had a lovely assortment of vegetables and savory pieces of sausage. The daiya cheese was perfectly melted and coated in a light seasoning. The bread had a wonderful crispy texture.

I really enjoyed the meal. I'm sad we didn't get dessert, as Red Lentil's desserts are phenomenal. The meal was fairly cheap, with the discount. I highly recommend dining at Red Lentil if you're in the Boston area. 

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