Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Brand New Leaf at Leaf Organics

I recently dined at one of my favorite raw fusion restaurants, Leaf Organics, in Culver City with some friends. The restaurant had been newly renovated a few months ago and now has a very sleek interior design. A few weeks ago, the restaurant decided to completely revamp the menu, adding an eclectic mix of innovative options. We were excited to test out some of the new options, using a $25 gift certificate.

First, we had a bowl of the gazpacho soup ($6), split into three smaller portions.

This soup was delicious. It was cool and refreshing and had a wonderful tangy flavor. The chunks of tomato added a wonderful sweetness and the onions added a slight bitterness.

Next, we had the vegan lasagna ($11).

This lasagna was very delectable. The brown rice noodles were perfectly cooked and slightly doughy. The layers were composed of a savory vegetable mixture and a rich, creamy tofu ricotta, coated with a smooth tomato sauce. The melty daiya cheese took the dish over the top.

Next, we had the raw pizza ($12).

The pizza was pretty good, but my least favorite of everything we ordered. The raw bread was slightly crunchy and coated in layers of tomato and pesto sauces. The mixture of pesto sauce, onions, olives and cheese made the dish taste a little too bitter and salty. It needed something sweet, such as pineapples, to balance out the flavors.

Lastly, we had the Saag in a baked potato ($10).

This dish was fantastic. The baked potato was perfectly cooked and had a succulent taste. The saag dish was a lovely spinach curry with a moderate spiciness. There was a delectable cream sauce that helped tone down the intensity of the curry and provided a slight cooling sensation.

Lastly, we had the Maca Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae ($6) split into 3 portions.

The sundae was pretty good, although I've definitely had better. The soft serve was a little icy in spots and the chia base was a little overpowering. Nevertheless, there was a rich chocolate flavoring that was very decadent and enjoyable. The whipped cream was light and airy. There were lovely crumbs that added a slight crunchiness to the sundae.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food. Everything was very flavorful, except for the pizza, and we left feeling healthy and uplifted. I love the mixture of raw and cooked foods, as it allowed us to have a nice variety for our dinner. The meal was quite a deal, only costing us about $34 total. I cannot wait to return and try more of the enticing options from the extensive menu.

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