Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Not So Rawsome Week Of Raw Food

A couple weeks ago, I ordered a week's worth of raw food from Rawvolution in Santa Monica. The food was packaged very poorly and on my ride home, many of the dishes had spilled. Some of it was salvageable, but I completely lost one of the soups and the other soup partially spilled. The solid dishes were a little easier to put back in their containers, but the food did not taste the same. I was very upset by the poor packaging. I emailed Rawvolution and they assured me they would make the packaging better. Despite using a Gather Green voucher, which cost me $60, I still felt ripped off.

The food I was able to try included the following:

I first had the Pesto Pizza.

This was very good, although the lettuce was a little dominating. The cashew cheese was so luscious and  creamy, I only wished there was more of it. The red pepper chunks were sweet and crunchy. The pesto sauce added a wonderful garlicky flavor. The onion bread was crispy.

Next, I had the Big Matt With Cheese.

This was also very good. The patty had a very savory, meaty taste and there was a layer of perfectly salted cheese. The lettuce and bread added a lovely crunchiness.

Next, I had the Bok Choy Salad.

This was disgusting and barely edible. It tasted very bitter and the dressing made the bok choy soggy and wilted.

Next, I had the Egg-less Egg Salad.

This was also not very good. The salad tasted very sour and burned my mouth when I ate it. It had an interesting consistency and the celery and bell peppers were nice and crunchy.

Next, I had the Scarborough Fair Soup.

This soup was very good. It had a mild spiciness and was very smooth. I liked that it was cool and refreshing and was perfect for a hot summery day.

Next, I had the Sloppy Joe Sandwich.

The sandwich was very good. The patty was very meaty and mildly spiced. It was very dense and filling. The lettuce and onion bread worked well together and absorbed the flavors of the patty.

Next, I had the Summer Corn Salad.

This was the only salad that I liked. The corn was very juicy and had a succulent taste. There was a wonderful creamy dressing that enhanced the flavors of the salad.

Next, I had the Strawberry Cream Parfait.

The parfait was pretty good. I really enjoyed the whipped cream topping and strawberry concoction, although I wish it had been sweeter. This worked well for lunch, but was definitely not a dessert.

Lastly, I had the Chocolate Torte Balls.

These were fantastic. The raw balls were soft and luscious, with a rich cacao flavor. They had a a nutty taste and a hint of coconut.

Overall, the food was decent. It would have been a good value, had I been able to have eaten all the food. I am willing to give Rawvolution another try, but I now realize I must bring loads of tape to ensure the food will not spill all over my car again.

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